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I visited Nagoya as my first destination. Although Nagoya is the 4th most populated city in Japan, I noticed not many tourists visiting Nagoya but I have got to see it for 2 reasons, which I will reveal later. Upon arriving, I went to explore Nagoya Station and the nearby malls. On my exploration, I noticed that in Nagoya Station itself, you could also ride other company’s subways to Nagoya’s downtown, Sakae or you could hop on Kintetsu or Meitetsu, another railway company. Takashimaya, a mall which is located within Nagoya Station, is filled with famous brands, which is not unlike Singapore’s Takashimaya.


I have always been interested in Japanese history, with their Sengoku Periods and Bakumatsu Periods as my areas of interest. With that in mind, I have got to visit Nagoya Castle, a castle built by Tokugawa Ieyasu after emerging victorious in several upheavals. The castle was home to several artifacts left from the periods which are showcased to visitors. You can visit the interior of the castle which have been recreated to how the samurais and lords at that time lived.


From the Nagoya Castle, I moved to my second place, which was about a 30 mins walk away, Nagoya TV Tower. Although it was closed due to an event, walking there from Nagoya Castle, really showed me the other side of Nagoya, from the busy delivery man making their rounds to the busy salaryman running from office to office to complete their sales. My last destination in Nagoya is Sunshine Sakae, a mall with a ferris wheel by the side of the building. Why am I here, you may wonder, for the ferris wheel? No, it is actually for the theater and café/shop of SKE48, based in Sakae, Nagoya thus the name SKE48. Upon arriving, the goods and merchandise of the members welcomed me into the shop. At the café, you can enjoy a meal whilst watching the dvds of SKE48 or AKB48 being replayed endlessly on several TVs located in the café.

Food wise, there are abundant options you can consider from ramen to fast food to even convenience shops bentos. However, Nagoya is known within Japan for chicken wings, so shops selling chicken wings are dime a dozen. The most famous shop has got to be Sekai no Yamachan (世界の山ちゃん), with just about 3 to 5 outlets within walking distance from Nagoya Station.

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Article & Photos: Melvyn @ KAvenyou

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