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Twi-light and Free Star headlines inaugural KPOPGAGA ShowKase



10 August 2012, Singapore – The highly anticipated ShowKase by KPOPGAGA took place at St. James Powerstation, Power House on 10th August 2011 (Friday). Featured Kpop groups were FREE STAR and Twi-light. FREE STAR is a girl-band under FM Entertainment consisting CEO, Erum, Niu and SeulA. Twi-light is a 7 member boy-band under YEIL Entertainment consisting SiWan, Tae Sung, Min Yeong, Hee Chun, TN, Jaeyoon and Black. Due to various reasons, TN and Jaeyoon were unable to join the others in the showKase.



The 2 groups each had their individual performances and followed a collaboration stage at the end of the ShowKase. 

First up, Twi-light appeared on stage with black stage outfit and impressed fans with the explosive choreography of ‘Prologue’, ‘Twilight’ and ‘Without U’ from their very own album. Twi-light first greeted the fans with a short self introduction by each member. Leader SiWan explained that their group name actually meant “Trend World Idol – light”. The boys also mentioned that SHINHWA is a group that they look up to as role models. Twi-light then “killed” the fans with the aegyo version of ‘Love is Difficult’, an OST for Korean drama Rooftop Prince, and ended the first segment with another upbeat song, ‘Show’.



FREE STAR entered the stage with black, glittery outfits with an exploding mysterious aura, the members each wore a mask and started off with their upbeat debut single ‘DISS’. FREE STAR greeted the fans with cheery smiles and endless fanservice. When asked how their group name ‘FREESTAR’ came about, leader CEO explained that their company’s CEO got the inspiration from a signboard while walking on streets one day. FREE STAR carried on with ‘You Better Hurry’ and accompanied the dance with hand-held fans, which were gifted to the fans at the end of the song. They continued heating the stage showing the sexy side of the girls with ‘Show You Exactly’ and ‘Stronger and Better’.



As the emcee teased the fans by telling them that the ShowKase has come to an end, the fans cheered and asked for more. Twi-light then entered the stage in fresh, white outfits showing the youthful side of the boys. The climax of the showcase was reached when Twi-light performed a series of cover performances of other kpop groups. Along with the fans’ sing-a-long, Twi-light covered BEAST’s ‘On Rainy Days’ and ‘Shock’, and lastly INFINITE’s ‘Before The Dawn (BTD)’. FREE STAR was the next to enter the stage in bright, white outfits. FREE STAR covered F(x)’s Hot Summer, G.NA’s ‘2HOT’ and lastly SECRET’s ‘Love is Move’!



The last performance of the night was a collaboration between FREE STAR and Twi-light. They performed ‘LOVE DAY’ by BEAST’s Yoseob and APINK’s Eunji, along with countless heart shaped balloons falling from above.

The setlist for the night is as below:


  • Without U
  • Love is Difficult (Rooftop Prince OST)
  • Show
  • Medley: 
On Rainy Days
 (BEAST), Shock
 (BEAST), Before The Dawn (Infinite)


  • Diss
  • You Better Hurry
  • Show You Exactly
  • Stronger and Better
  • Medley: Hot Summer (f(x)),
 2HOT (G.NA)
, Love is Move (SECRET)


  • Love Day (Yoseob & Eunji)

Overall, the ShowKase was a success with a good turnout from fans and a above average performance from the artistes. We will now look forward to the next ShowKase, and the artistes that will be coming. Thanks to KPOPGAGA for bringing in talented artistes to Singapore for the fans to enjoy.

Below are some highlights of the ShowKase from both groups:

For the complete photos from us, do head to our Facebook Page album “KPOPGAGA ShowKase“.

Article & Photography by: Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou
Videography by: Samantha @ KAvenyou

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