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[TRAVEL] Top 5 apps to use in Korea!

[TRAVEL] Top 5 apps to use in Korea!

Ever thought, “How I wished there was an app to help me?”, well, KAvenyou has tried and tested all these apps to make things easier for you! These are our top 5 apps that will be useful when heading to Kimchi-land!


1. Jihachul

Need to get to Apgujeong station from Gangnam Station? This app will show you how to get there by searching the station of your destination. It even tells you which side of the train to alight too, how convenient! You don’t have to worry about the language settings as it is also available in English. The good thing about this app, is that it’s free and has subway maps of Busan, Daegu, Gwangju and Daejeon too! So if you’re planning to travel out of Seoul, fret not!

Available on: iOS



2. Daum Maps/Naver Maps

These apps are an actual lifesaver. It helps with locating eateries, train stations, banks, hospitals, cafes etc. It also doesn’t require you to have accounts with Daum or Naver to be able to use. The down side? It’s only available in Korean. Alternatively, you can use Google maps.

Available on: iOS, Android


3. Daum Dictionary/Naver Dictionary

Dictionaries are also a big help. Unsure of what certain words mean? Simple, key it in to either one of these dictionaries and you’re on your way to a smoother sailing journey. The dictionary is translated into 4 languages. English, Chinese, Japanese and of course, Korean. You can also type in what you would like translated into Korean when you’re lost at how to order items.

Available on: iOS, Android



This is the Whatsapp of South Korea. It allows you to be able to make free calls as well! Met a cute Korean boy and want to keep in contact? Just say “Kakaotalk-juseyo”, which translates to “Can I have your Kakaotalk ID?”

Available on: iOS, Android


5. Naver Blog

A handy app when you’re on your last few days on the trip and have practically gone everywhere in Seoul. Still want to know what else is in the area that you may have missed? Naver blog is here to help you locate places that have slipped through the cracks. Though only available in Korean, it is still relatively easy to navigate. You simply key in the location you’re looking at, then choose a starting point, from there the app will pull up all the blog posts in the area recommending where to go to or what are the best places to eat at. This app would require you to have an account with Naver before you’re able to use it.

Available on: iOS, Android

Now with these 5 apps on hand, you’re good to go!

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