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Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Malaysia

Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Malaysia

Airens in Malaysia finally got to spend their night with prince charming, Lee Seung Gi last Friday on 2 November! At this 2 hour fanmeet plus mini-concert, Seunggi successfully make us swoon over his cheerful smile and his bright, bubbly persona.

Seunggi opened the night with, ‘Age of Love’, before greeting the fans with a short interview. Through that, he shared that he found nasi lemak extremely delicious. He also showed off his cheesy side by confessing his love to fans in 3 languages: English, Chinese and Malay, and saying that after a long day, the fans are the ones that made him feel like “he just woke up from bed”. Moreover, he kept teasing the fans asking if they want him to take his shirt off!

Two game sessions were then held where lucky participants chosen get to play games up close with Seunggi himself! First, the participants were required to continue one of Seunggi’s songs from where he left off. And on the second game, Seunggi turned into a dance instructor on stage as he teaches participants the steps to his dance. The winner of each round was rewarded with a signed pillow case with Seunggi’s face printed on it. But Seunggi didn’t forget to thank the rest of the participants too with a hug, much to the crowd’s envy.

Fans also got to relive scenes from his top 3 dramas: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, The King 2 Hearts, and Brilliant Legacy. Not only did he do his signature ‘hoy hoy’ move from Gumiho, two lucky fans also got the chance to re-enact the bicycle scene from Brilliant Legacy with Seunggi on stage! The two fans got to hold onto his waist as he drives them around!

Later, a special clip prepared by Malaysia Airens was played on the big screen and Seunggi also received the gift of a miniature kite and a drawing from Malaysia Airen’s fan club.

After a short break, Seunggi appears on stage again and started the his mini-concert with ‘Aren’t We Friends’. Before performing ‘Smile Boy’, Seunggi took off his jacket, and slowly unbuttoned another layer of clothing until he’s stripped down to just a t-shirt! When it came to the final song, ‘Slave’, the crowd all stood up and cheered on Seunggi for one last time before he bows and leaves the stage.

Seunggi is truly one devoted, versatile, multi-talented artist. From being an actor, to a host and finally to a singer, he has managed to pull off every role perfectly. We would love to see more from him in the future!

Special thanks to Jazzy Group for organizing this event.

Set list
1.    Age of Love
2.    Aren’t We Friends
3.    Will You Marry Me
4.    Smile Boy
5.    Let’s Go On A Vacation
6.    Because You’re My Girl
7.    Slave

Check out more photos from the fanmeeting on our Facebook page: Tonight with Lee Seunggi in Malaysia

Written by: Zoey @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Wenyi @ KAvenyou

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