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Tonight With Lee Seung Gi in Indonesia

Tonight With Lee Seung Gi in Indonesia

Jakarta 4 November 2012 – Indonesian Airens were very excited to welcome Lee Seung Gi to Jakarta. In the event held by Munial Sports Group in Mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta, Lee Seung Gi interacted with his fans from all over Indonesia and even from other countries. Lee Seung Gi opened the fan meeting with his hits from ‘My Girl Friend is a Gumiho’ OST, ‘Losing My Mind’. After his first performance, he shared about his excitement to have a show in Jakarta. He also said that he likes Indonesian food ‘Nasi Goreng’ so much, he even ate 2 portions earlier. Airens were on fire because it was Seung Gi’s first time having a show in Indonesia.

The first Seung Gi’s interactions with the fans were when Seung Gi invited 10 audiences to get on the stage and play games. Seung Gi and his fans had a paper quiz. The fans were given some questions about Lee Seung Gi and had to write their answers in a piece of paper. ‘The question is too difficult, the one who answer it right must be my real fan’, said Seung Gi when the MC, Dave Hendrik—a very famous MC in Indonesia—asked about the destination of Seung Gi’s first appearance in One Night Two Days  show. Seung Gi checked all the answers himself in a very playful atmosphere. There’s only one who answered the question right and Seung Gi gave her a hug at once. The crowds went crazy when Seung Gi hugged the lucky fans. Seung Gi said, ‘This is my first time having this kind of response.’

The next game was ‘Lee Seung Gi’s ideal woman’. In this game, the fans were asked to draw a girl just like what Seung Gi described. He described his ideal woman as beautiful, having a long and wavy hair and not too big eyes. He scanned the drawings, commented on the drawings while joking and chose one winner who drew the best.

In this fan meeting also played some clips from Seung Gi’s dramas. After ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’ clip was played, Dave the MC asked Seung Gi, ‘What would you do if in your life, your girlfriend is a Gumiho?’ Seung Gi answered while laughing, ”I’m not sure about having a Gumiho as my girlfriend, but it’s definitely ok if she’s Shin Min Ah (the actress who played the Gumiho).” He also said that he is currently learning to cook and he wants to learn about Indonesian cuisine, so if he has a girlfriend, he will cook Indonesian food for her.

The next part of the fan meeting was when Lee Seung Gi asked 5 lucky fans who had a flower under their seat to get on the stage and dance with him for the ‘Losing My Mind’ dance routine. He even taught the fans to dance with Bahasa Indonesia command such as “Kanan, Kiri” which means “Right, Left”. He even back-hug one fan who he chose as the best dancer.  Not only dancing with Seung Gi, another 6 lucky fans were also invited to the stage to had a singing game. Seung Gi sang some part of his song, and when the music stopped, the fans had to continue the song.

Indonesian Airens also gave their special gift to Seung Gi. A video made by Airens about their welcome message for Seung Gi was played. The fans even brought a ‘Nasi Tumpeng’—an Indonesian traditional food—on the stage. ‘Nasi Tumpeng’ is a symbol of luck and prosperity. Seung Gi was so excited with the gifts. He said it was his first time seing a ‘Nasi Tumpeng’ and he can’t wait to try it.

The last part of the event was Lee Seung Gi’s mini concert. He sang 7 of his hit songs such as “Aren’t We Friends”, “Will You Marry Me”, ”Smile Boy”, and “Nuna Ne Yeojanika”. All the fans were on their feet, singing and dancing along with Seung Gi. The show was closed with a doorprize session. Two lucky fans received a guitar signed by Seung Gi. The fans were filled with smiles after the show. The smiley boy had successfully shared his smile to Indonesian Airens.

Find our footage of the event on our facebook page:

Article by: Farhad @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Arien @ KAvenyou

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