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The WARRIORS B.A.P makes their debut appearance in Taiwan! 高人氣的超級新人團體B.A.P首訪台灣!



21 September 2012, Taiwan – B.A.P acronym for “Best Absolute Perfect”, is a six-member Kpop male group from TS Entertainment who debuted in 2012. Although they are a new fresh group, their powerful and unique appearance managed to win them a huge fan base in Taiwan.

We had the opportunity to meet the boys up-close in Taiwan, and below is a transcript of the press conference:

Q: What is your first impression of Taiwan since this is B.A.P’s first visit here?
Young Jae: We were quite shocked with the amount of fans support when we arrived here. Besides, we always wanted to visit Taiwan and now, our wish finally came true and we were very excited about it.


Yong Jae

Q: Did you do any research on the famous night markets in Taiwan before coming here?
Yong Guk: We love Taiwan and have heard about the night markets in Taiwan too. B.A.P would like to pay a visit to the night markets here.


Bang Yong Guk

Q: Everybody feels excited for the showcase, is there any special performances to show the BABY in Taiwan?
Dae Hyun: For this time, we tried different things, for examples there are HIGH 5 section and fans game section, so that we can have a closer interaction with the fans.


Dae Hyun

B.A.P paid their first visit to Taiwan, in fact it is a trend for every Kpop idol to learn some simple chinese vocabolary. For B.A.P, the host taught them the three magical words“我愛你” that would melt all BABY’s heart in Taiwan. To all the lucky BABY in Taiwan, B.A.P might say these words during the showcase.

As B.A.P is interested with Taiwan’s famous bevarage, Bubble Tea. The organizer prepared bubble tea and let the memberts to taste it. Him Chan even pronounce 「珍珠奶茶」with perfect chinese pronunciation while the member beside him, Dae Hyun said it in English “Bubble tea”. They seems to enjoy the drink pretty well.

Q: What is the difference between the Bubble Tea in Taiwan and Korea?
Dae Hyun: It is very tasty!

Q: Is the “black pearl” very Q (chewy)?
B.A.P: (every members nodded). =)


Jong Up

Q: B.A.P is currently focusing on music, although you were invited to star on Variety Shows like Weekly Idol and Beatles Code. But most of the Babies would like to see B.A.P to go further on other shows like Running Man or Hello Baby. Do you have any plans on this area?
Yong Guk: If we had the chance, we would like to join these variety shows to close our gap with the fans. Before this, we only focused on how to produce better music for our album, therefore we lose sight of the fans’ feelings, we will take note on the fans’ thoughts in the future.

Q: Please introduce the No Mercy mini album!
Young Jae: No mercy is our first mini album, there are five songs, we tried different genres of musics and we hope everybody won’t feel bored listening to our album.


Him Chan

Q: B.A.P is famous with the “Manly Rap”, can you please explain what is “Manly Rap”?
Young Jae: The “Manly Rap” is exactly the rapping part in “No Mercy”. The main language we used is Korean dialect (方言) and we did not mix other langangue in the rap. Therefore, the rap sounds more powerful and stronger, and this is how we got the name.

(Bang’s rap)

Q: Since B.A.P has debuted for 200 days, what were the most memorable things?
Dae Hyun: Every showcases we had overseas were very special and memorable to us, especially this Taiwan Showcase, it is very important to all of us.



Q: There are approximately 200 fans who welcomed B.A.P at Taoyuan Airport, how did you felt about this?
Dae Hyun: We were really shocked when we came out and saw all the fans welcoming us. They even stayed there after we left. This is really impressive, in return to thank all the fans, we will do our best in tomorrow showcase.



B.A.P代表著Best Absolute Perfect , 由容國、Him Chan、大賢、永才、鐘業以及ZELO六名充滿音樂才華,平均只有20歲的成員組成。B.A.P 今天中午搭乘OZ711班機抵達台灣,雖然是今年年初才出道的新人,卻已經在台灣累計了不少粉絲,一早變有許多女生粉絲在機場卡位等著迎接心儀的偶像,現場約有200名歌迷接機完全不輸大牌韓流明星,高漲人氣可見一斑。



大賢:準備了新舞臺內容,比如透過HIGH 5(擊掌)和遊戲來與粉絲們有近距離的接觸。

而來到台灣不免俗要學幾句中文,大好人指導了中文和台語的“我愛你”和“你很漂亮!”,特別是Him Chan帶有一貫兇狠的口氣說出台語的“我愛你”,全體成員私底下紛紛學習,認真的表情煞是可愛,相信這些話在SHOWCASE現場上一定能派上用場,台灣的Baby 一定要留心聽噢!

由於之前聽聞B.A.P對台灣的珍珠奶茶表達了相當大的興趣,於是準備了珍珠奶茶讓成員們嘗試。成員Him Chan 便迅速用標準的中文說出「珍珠奶茶」四個字,而旁邊的大賢也頻頻用英文說出「Bubble Tea」, 看來成員們真的很喜歡珍珠奶茶噢!



B.A.P : (全員點頭)

Q. B.A.P 目前的演出重心都在音樂上,雖然目前有上過 Weekly Idol 跟 Beatles Code,但很多 BABY 還是希望能看到 B.A.P 參與 Running Man 或Hello Baby類似的節目,目前有這方面的規劃嗎?

Q.介紹迷你專輯No Mercy 的台壓版吧!
永才:No Mercy 是我們的首張迷你專輯,,一共收錄了五首歌曲,嘗試了不同領域和曲風希望大家不會聽膩。

容國:No Mercy裏面RAP的部份就是男子漢RAP,主要是用韓國的方言,沒有加入其它語言來RAP,也許聽起來比較強悍,音樂感也比較強烈,才會有了這個稱呼。


大賢:對我們來說印象最深刻的就是到海外舉辦的每一場showcase,特別是Taiwan Showcase ,對我們來說都是很重要的事情。



鐘業:為了明天的 Showcase 而來到臺灣,舞台準備的與以往不太一樣,有些是首次嘗試,也很認真的準備,真的準備了很多,希望大家多多指教。

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