The 2015 Korean Film Festival brings the latest and hottest Korean Films to Singapore



The annual Korean Film Festival in Singapore (“KFF”) will take place at the Shaw Theatres Lido from 23rd October to 1st November 2015 to celebrate 40 years of diplomatic relations between South Korea and Singapore through film.

The theme of the festival this year is simply ten most recent Korean films. The organizing committee has selected 10 feature films released in 2014 and 2015 for the festival, 7 of which have not been released in local theatres. Most notably, the line-up includes 2 of the biggest summer blockbusters in Korea this year – Assassination (2015) and Northern Limit Line (2015).

A Variety of Genres

The film festival this year caters to a wide range of viewers. The official selection includes heart-warming dramas Ode to My Father (2014) and Love Forecast (2015) featuring popular Korean actor Lee Seung Gi; mystery thrillers like A Hard Day (2014) and comedies like Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island (2015) and Twenty (2015).

Several action-packed films including The Divine Move (2014) and Assassination (2015), featuring top Korean stars such as Jung Woo Sung, Ryu Seung-ryeong and Jun Ji Hyun, have been specially selected to entertain the local viewers. The organizing committee also hopes to share with local viewers the maturity and quality of Korean films through this line-up.

01_Northern Limit Line

Opening Night (23rd October 2015)

KIM Hak-Soon’s Northern Limit Line (2015) will open the festival at the Shaw Lido’s 500 seat Hall 1 theatre on the 23rd October 2015. The film is based on the 2002 Second Battle of Yeonpyeon where North Korean patrol boats attacked the South at the northern limit line during the height of the 2002 world cup fever. Jin Goo, Lee Hyun Woo and Kim Mu Yeol portray the life-and-death struggles of the naval crew.

Ambassador Suh Chung-Ha will represent Korea along with acclaimed Singaporean film director and producer Mr. Eric Khoo as Guests-of-Honours and they will deliver opening speeches.

Watch a Movie with Kang Ha Neul (31st October 2015)

As part of Korean actor Kang Ha Neul’s first visit to Singapore, he will attend the film festival to greet and join the audience for the screening of the film Twenty (2015) on 31st October. The meet & greet is organized in partnership with KMTV. This special segment aims to make the screening of the film memorable as the audience gets to see their film star up close and a chance to promote interest in Kang Ha Neul’s future works.

Organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Singapore, the KFF is part of the 2015 Korea Festival.10_Twenty

Event Details

Venue: Shaw Theatres Lido, 350, Orchard Road, 5th/6th Floor, Shaw House, Singapore 238868
Dates: 23 October 2015 – 01 November 2015
Opening Night Gala: 23 Oct 2015, Friday
Opening Night Film: Northern Limit Line (2015), Directed by KIM Hak-Soon
Opening Night Theatre: Lido Hall 1, 500 seats
Guests of Honour:
– Ambassador SUH Chung-Ha
– Mr. Eric Khoo, Film-maker, Producer
Tickets: Sales begin on 5 Oct 2015 at Shaw Online or Shaw Theatres Lido

Official Selection: Feature Films
1) Northern Limit Line (연평해전) directed by Kim Hak-Soon
2) Assassination (암살) directed by Choi Dong-Hoon
3) The Target (표적) directed by Chang
4) Ode to My Father (국제시장) directed by JK Youn
5) Love Forecast (오늘의 연애) directed by Park Jin-Pyo
6) The Chronicles of Evil (악의 연대기) directed by Baek Woon-Hak
7) A Hard Day (끝까지 간다) directed by Kim Seong-Hun
8) Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island (조선명탐정: 사라진 놉의 딸) directed by Kim Sok-Yun
9) The Divine Move (신의 한수) directed by Jo Bum-Gu
10) Twenty (스물) directed by Lee Byeong-Heon


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