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Teen Top in Paris Press Conference

Teen Top in Paris Press Conference


Teen Top, who debuted in 2010, are currently having their first Europe tour. Three days before their sold-out concert in Paris, which will be held at Le Trianon on Saturday evening (french time), they have given a press conference to answer questions from the media about their tour, their upcoming album and their other projects.

The members looked cheerful and happy to share their experience with the press. Here are their answers:

Q: Please present yourselves.
(Note: they answered in french)
“Bonsoir, je suis Ricky” (Hello, I am Ricky)
“Bonsoir, je suis L.Joe.Je t’aime” (Hello, I am L.Joe. I love you)
“Bonsoir, je suis Niel” (Hello, I am Niel)
“Bonsoir, je suis ChangJo” (Hello, I am ChangJo)
“Bonsoir, je suis CAP” (Hello, I am CAP)
“Bonsoir, je suis ChunJi” (Hello, I am ChunJi)


Q: “What are your impressions of Europe, and of this tour? How is it going?
L.Joe: From what we’ve heard, we’re the first Korean idols to have this kind of tour. We are trying to do our best. I hope that the three remaining dates will be a success.
Niel: “Europe is really an amazing continent. Fans are amazing too, and really warm. Thank you.

Q: What are your impressions of Paris?
ChunJi: This is our first time in Paris. Paris is really beautiful, especially the buildings, monuments and such.
Ricky: For now, we’ve been to the Arc of Triumph and the Champs Elysées. We’ve also seen the Seine river. If once we can have a trip, we’d like to come to Paris.


Q: Have you seen a difference between Korean fans and European fans?
C.A.P.: “Our fans in general are amazing and cheer for us with all their heart. If there’s a difference, it would be the hair color.

Q: Can you tell us about the concept and release date of your next album?
ChangJo: After this Europe tour, we’ll go back to Korea and release our new album. We’ll try to make it so that this album reflects more the colors of Teen Top.

Q: What are your plans after this Europe tour?
L.Joe: First we’ll go back to Korea, and release our next album. So we’ll work hard on this.
C.A.P.: Our new album will be released, so we’ll work hard on the new songs. Then we’ll have concerts in Korea, and in Europe if we can.


Q: You are the first korean group to have a Europe tour with a tourbus. How did you feel about it, and what are the good and bad points of this transportation mean?
L.Joe: So we’re really happy to be the first Korean group to use a tourbus. The good points are that we can get closer to the staff, and there’s no real bad points.

Q: You have eaten many type of foods since you’re arrived in Europe. Which one has left the strongest impression, and which one did you like the most?
ChunJi: We have eaten a lot of pastas, pizzas, hamburgers, all these types of fast food.
Ricky: We’ve been to an ice-cream shop, in a desserts store. We have eaten a lot of chocolate. Here the chocolate is very sweet, so I have a lot of stomach-aches.

Q: What is the place that you’d like to visit the most if you had time during this tour?
Ricky: We’ve passed by car next to the Eiffel Tower and the Louvres museum. We’d like to have an opportunity to visit these places later.


Q: What is the receipe to make a Korean girl go crazy over you, and how would you do with a french girl?
Ricky: Probably during our concerts, while we perform.
L.Joe: I’m studying french language for the french girls. “Je t’aime”.

Q: What is the hardest thing to do in their work?
Niel: There is nothing really hard, because we are together. We are doing what we wanted do, and we’re helping each others so it isn’t hard.

Q: Is the language barrier something that worries you, and does it make it harder to communicate with the fans?
Niel: We use the body language. First, we’re trying to study the language to communicate with the fans. And we communicate with our music on stage.

Q: What are the strong points of your concerts?
Niel: We hope that the fans will appreciate not only our main songs, but also the other performances.
ChunJi: We’d like to show our fans other pop songs.


Q: Who are your favorite Korean singers?
Niel: PSY. I like sunbae-nim.

Q: How would you imagine the group in five years? Is their a particular domain in which you’d like to develop your activities? (TV, MC-ing, dramas etc.)
L.Joe: In five years, I’d like to have Europe tours again, and have interviews with you.
ChunJi: We’d be very interesting in having roles in dramas, and also in composing music and writting lyrics. So maybe in five years, we’ll come back to see you with our own music.


Q: What impressions would you like to give to french fans?
ChunJi: We’d like them to remember us as very active and motivated idols.

Q: What do you do to get rid of your stress?
Niel: We don’t have that much stress because this is what we like to do. And if we do have have some stress, we take it with us on stage and release it with the fans.

We would like to thank Speakeasy and Torpedo for inviting us to the press conference.
Stay tuned on KAvenyou for more updates on Teen Top’s concert in Paris.

Article & Photography by: Céline @ KAvenyou

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