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Taiwan fans were bowled over by SE7EN’s brilliant performance! SE7EN精湛演出歌迷直呼爽翻天!



23 September 2012, Taiwan – SE7EN was in town over the weekend for his music party titled “2012 SE7EN Taiwan Loving Tour”, and created a stir in Taiwan. Having been “missing” in the Taiwan K-Pop scene for some years, SE7EN still remembered to shower everyone with fans service during the music party.

The well-known dancing king, kick-started the music party with his electronic hit “Digital Bound”. With his flawless dance moves, the fans went totally gaga over him. Everybody shook & waved their green light stick passionately and sang along with SE7EN when performed his latest ballad hit “When I can’t sing”.

Since all the fans were pretty interested about SE7EN he possibility of a concert in Taiwan, he revealed that he would like to have a concert here as soon as possible, if the opportunity arises. The adorable SE7EN even shouted: ”Faster! Faster!” in Korean. He then added that he hope to come back soon and that the fans could continue supporting him till the end.


SE7EN once again showcased his mandarin “proficiency” that he picked up during the press conference. He said “我愛台灣”(I love Taiwan),”我喜歡台灣” (I like Taiwan), and 台語版 “我愛台灣” and made a heart gesture to express his love to the fans.

There was a giveaway segment during the music party, and 40 autographed t-shirts and albums were given out to the lucky SE7EN fans. On top of that, SE7EN even gave out his personal belongings as presents to two lucky fans, which were a pair of gloves that he wore in the “Somebody Else” MV and his bracelet in the “When I can’t sing” MV.

The considerate SE7EN also gave out the presents to all 52 fans personally with roses. In order to further portray his love to the fans, sweetheart SE7EN even gave a HIGH-5 to all the fans during a group photo-taking segment.

To wrap things all up, SE7EN ended the music party with an evocative song “Passion”.

Music Show Setlist:

  1. Supporting video message from YG artists
  2. Opening VCR
  3. Digital Bounce
  4. When I can’t Sing
  5. VCR
  6. Fans Q&A
  7. VCR: Somebody Else MV
  8. Come back to me
  9. Better together
  10. Fans giveaway
  11. VCR: “When I can’t sing” behind the scenes
  12. Be Good to You
  13. Passion
  14. VCR: Fans supporting video message
  15. Group photo with fans


韓國小天王SE7EN同樂會「2012 SE7EN Taiwan Loving Tour」終於于在昨日圓滿結束。同樂會中除了有Se7en的精彩演出外,SE7EN 還與粉絲們互動。

整場同樂會以同公司的師弟妹們的應援視頻作為序幕,隨後SE7EN又以2首歌曲分別爲「Digital bounce」 及「即使我不會唱歌」開始了整場的同樂會。在場的歌迷們手揮動著手上的螢光綠7字形的螢光棒,使現場呈現出一篇綠油油的螢光綠海。此外更在「即使我不會唱歌」歌曲時,與偶像一同大合唱,在曲中最後獨舞的部份,甚至還下跪,讓粉絲們尖叫連連。











  1. Video:師弟妹們應援視頻(2NE1,big bang, Psy)
  2. Video:開場視頻
  3. Song:Digital Bounce
  4. Song:即使我不會唱歌
  5. Video:從出道到現在
  6. Fans QnA
  7. Video:Somebody Else MV
  8. Song:Come Back to me
  9. Song:Better Together
  10. 幸運抽獎
  11. Video:“即使我不會唱歌”製作特輯
  12. Song:Be Good To You
  13. Song:Passion
  14. Video:到場粉絲應援視頻
  15. 與歌迷團體大合照

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