[Beauty Talk Tuesday] Recreate Taeyeon's & Red Velvet's looks with Hangover Makeup

As of lately we have been seeing lots of Korean inspired make up in Singapore – simple eye line (perhaps mascara too) and a bright lip. However, this is what’s trending in Korea in the past few months! It’s none other than Hangover Makeup (Igari Makeup or aka 숙취화장). It is called Igari makeup because […]


[Beauty Talk Tuesday] Be a dazzling girl with Korean holographic glass nails!

Who needs glass slippers like Cinderella when you can have holographic, sparkly and badass glass nails like these? This is the recent nail art trend in Korea, called “유리 네일” meaning Glass Nails. These nails are made with decorative “crack glass flim” or “Holographic film” to create a futuristic and reflective effect. Even huge brands […]

[Beauty] Korean hairstyle bangs for ladies

I’ve always wondered how Korean girls styled their bangs/fringe because most girls have bangs/fringe that fall naturally and perfectly in front of their foreheads. After observing a friend work on her fringe (even on a backpacking trip) and several Youtube videos, I realised this beautiful “natural” korean hairstyle comes from time and effort every day. […]