GOT7 will have their Eyes On You in Europe

GOT7 will have their Eyes On You in Europe this coming June A few weeks ago, GOT7 announced that their “GOT7 2018 WORLD TOUR ‘EYES ON YOU’” will visit Moscow, Berlin and Paris. Following the release of their album EYES ON YOU, GOT7 members are now preparing for their 2nd World Tour. For the first […]


INTERVIEW – BOYFRIEND talk about world tour, projects and fans

Recently, Korean group Boyfriend had a world tour that included Latin America and Europe. Between these two continents they took some time to answer our questions. In March 2015, BOYFRIEND released a mini-album entitled Wonderland, a word that often refers to a place where beautiful and magical things. Between their domestic success and the cheers […]

Block B to take over Europe for upcoming tour!

Fans of Block B in Europe, get ready! The group will soon embark on a Europe tour that will include several European countries: –          Paris, France on February 27th –          Helsinki, Finland on March, 01st –          Warsaw, Poland, on March, 6th –          Milan, Italy, on March 8th The tour will be organized by MyMusicTaste, who […]

U-Kiss and KISSMEs share “One love” during Europe tour

On September, 28th, the Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star finished their Europe tour with a concert in Paris, France. The tour included a total of three concerts in Russia, the United Kingdom and France. The members of U-Kiss had already come to France once before (for Music Bank in Paris in 2012) and many of […]