[Paparazzi Corner] 4 good-looking Korean golf players that will make you want to pick up the sport

Think about good-looking Korean idols and the long list of names that follow. Now think about good-looking Korean sportsmen. Got a few names? Let us introduce you more! Here’s a list of 5 ‘visual’ Korean sportsmen who play golf professionally, and hopefully it’ll inspire you to try out this sport too!   Kim Si Woo […]


Watch three top field hockey teams in Singapore for inaugural TPG International Tri-series

Catch three women’s field hockey powerhouses – Australia, Germany and The Netherlands – ‘live’ at the inaugural TPG International Tri-Series from 18-23 January 2016 at Sengkang Hockey Stadium. Organised by The Project Group (TPG), fans of the sport will be thrilled to know that the first-ever TPG International Tri-Series is a free-entry event, and features […]