[Swag Check] VANS first collaboration with LINE FRIENDS!

VANS is back again with another collaboration (and the first!) with LINE Friends! From VANS: “The two stars of the collaboration, Brown and Cony, find creative inspiration on the Authentic and Slip-On, with Brown picking up a guitar and Cony with spray can in hand. LINE FRIENDS fans will be surprised to find out Sally’s […]


[Swag Check] K-Pop Idols Essential: Vans Sneakers collaborates with Takashi Murakami!

Good news for all VANS / Takashi Murakami lovers! VANS 2015 June collection is focused on the collaboration with Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami. From sneakers, to toddlers-sized shoes, apparels and skateboard decks, you can find a range of different designs that Takashi Murakami input for this fall’s collection. “Murakami’s artistic anime-influenced style is renowned for […]