[Paparazzi Corner] Hail the "Gods" of the AKB48 group

20 April 2015, Singapore – Welcome back to my second article on AKB48. This week, I would be discussing about the the Kami – 7 (God – 7) of the entire AKB48 group. But first things first, what I will be discussing do not represent the opinions of all AKB fans and is entirely my personal […]


[Paparazzi Corner] Your newbie guide to popular Japanese group AKB48

13 April 2015, Singapore – Enough about K-Pop for a while, and let’s dive into the Japanese idol scene for the time being. Which female idol group comes into your mind first? If you answered AKB48, you are absolutely right!!! The amount of exposure on national television by individual members or even the group itself […]