[EVENT] Sing Hom (洪言翔) and Jaffri Cao(曹景豪) to meet fans in Singapore and Malaysia in February

  Singapore – Sing Hom (洪言翔) and Jaffri Cao (曹景豪) will be holding private fan meetings in Singapore and Malaysia this February. After years of hiatus and member change, the newly revamped Taiwanese group “Nan Quan Mama (新南拳妈妈)” now consists of Sing Hom (洪言翔), Jaffri Cao (曹景豪), Devon Song (宋健彰) and Vera Yan (嚴正嵐).   Sing Hom’s popularity rocketed after […]


[COVERAGE] Sing Hom meets fans upclose over coffee in Singapore

Singapore – Taiwanese actor Sing Hom (洪言翔) met his fans over coffee at a closed-door fan meet that was held at Wheeler’s Yard on 25th January 2015. While many might be unfamiliar with the name ‘Sing Hom’, those who have watched the movie Café. Waiting. Love (等一個人咖啡) would definitely know him for his role as […]