[OP-ED] Is It Time To Talk About Running Man…Now?

It felt like it was just yesterday that the sudden announcement(s) of changes came. As a fan of Running Man for many years, I’ve been so used to having 7 members. Seeing all 7 members interact with each other through the ups and the downs were the highlights of the show. And when Kang Gary […]


[COVERAGE] Feeling empty on Mondays? More from Gary at Dal.komm Coffee’s Press Conference

Do you miss Gary? Because we sure do! Gary’s candid appearance at Dal.komm Coffee’s official opening sure impressed the crowd with his polite smiles and waves, exuding a charm, uniquely his. He sure lived up to his nickname of “A Man That Everyone Wants To Own” when he attracted a crowd of a few hundred […]

[Paparazzi Corner] Signs that you are already riding the Korean wave

25 July 2016, Singapore – As a professional in the corporate world myself, we are often judged for being closely involved and following the Korean entertainment scene. There is actually nothing too wrong in having a hobby and enjoying all the pretty people and well scripted varieties, and extremely synchronised choreographed performances. In fact, this […]