[Foodie Friday] Eat like the Song triplets & the twins from The Return Of Superman!

Missing the Song triplets – Daehan Minguk Manse and their appa Song Il Kook on the The Return Of Superman ever since they left the show in February? :'( If you’re heading to Korea anytime soon, reminisce the good old times of them in the show, especially of them pigging out, as we show you […]


Sizzle your way to the best Korean BBQ restaurants in town!

If you’re an avid K-pop fan, Korean BBQ will not be a stranger in any fan’s life. Of course, with the increasing numbers of Korean BBQ restaurants in Singapore, we’re almost always spoilt for choice! Today, let’s review some of the most affordable and tastiest Korean BBQ restaurants to dine in at! 1. Daessiksin Korean […]

[Foodie Friday] Korean Charcoal BBQ Seorae is every meat lover’s dream come true!

Korean charcoal BBQ restaurant Seorae has finally opened its doors in Singapore at the end of 2015, boasting itself to be the first to introduce galmaegisal to our shores. Galmaegisal refers to pork skirt meat, which is immensely popular in Korea due to the taste resembling that of wagyu beef, but without the heavy price […]

먹방 The Epitome of Food Entertainment

Just when you thought that K-Entertainment couldn’t get more erratic, there’s a whole new way to be entertained by people other than your favourite K-pop stars. They are called BJs (short for Broadcast Jockeys) and most of them host their own “shows” on this platform called “AfreecaTV”. Specifically, today I will be introducing the idea […]

[Foodie Friday] Popular Korean Charcoal BBQ Seorae Brings Its Sizzle to Singapore

Annyeonghaseyo! In a city that can’t get enough of Korea’s exciting food and pop culture, the highly anticipated Seorae Galmaegi finally lands in Singapore at Plaza Singapura, opening on 24 December 2015. Seorae Singapore brings for the first time, the signature galmaegisal to our shores. Founded in 2007, Seorae Galmaegi, Korea’s charcoal barbecue concept restaurant […]

[Foodie Friday] Reasons why Andong jjimdak is better than Korean fried chicken

As an avid fan of Korean food, I was elated to hear that Andong Zzimdak has finally opened its doors in Singapore. People not familiar with Korean food may have never heard or tried Andong jjimdak before, which is made with chicken and vegetables marinated in a ganjang (Korean soy sauce)-based sauce.   Unlike typical […]

[FOOD] Get in sync with the first ever Korean Tapas Bar – SYNC Bistro

Introducing the first ever Korean Tapas Bar in Singapore! Hidden gem unearthed within the quiet neighborhood in Serangoon Gardens – SYNC Korean Tapas Bar. Conveniently located at 12 Maju Avenue, SYNC Korean Tapas Bar is situated in between myVillage and ChompChomp. The term ‘Tapas’ originated from Spain which refers to a wide variety of appetizers […]

[Foodie Friday] Korea’s famous Andong jjimdak opens in Singapore

  Andong Zzimdak, Korea’s famous traditional Andong jjimdak franchise has opened its doors in Singapore on October 13th at Raffles City Shopping Centre, #B1-44F. Andong Jjimdak is the popular Korean dish made with chicken, various vegetables marinated in a ganjang (Korean soy sauce)-based sauce. Singaporeans who frequent Seoul will be familiar with this dish, as they can be commonly […]

[Foodie Friday] CNN Culinary Journeys: Q&A with Korean Chef Edward Kwon

This month CNN ‘Culinary Journeys’ features Korean chef Edward Kwon, who has spent most of his career moving through high-end hotel kitchens. Kwon has now settled down in Seoul, South Korea, where he has launched an arsenal of restaurants in an attempt to expose his country to a variety of different cuisines. Yet his main […]