3 K-pop Idols Who Were “Ousted” By Their Fans

It’s widely understood that what makes or breaks a K-pop idol is their fans and/or the support from the community. Supporting an idol in Korea is almost a whole new ball game altogether. If I must, for the lack of better vocabulary, it’s like joining a massive “cult”. Most hardcore fans go all out in […]


[Swag Check] Celebrity styles at Seoul Fashion Week SS16

Seoul Fashion Week SS16 has just came to an end, and besides the schedule-packed models, celebrities were also busy attending shows, while making sure they looked good for the cameras. Some celebrities looked totally stunning in their ensemble, while some of their fashion sense were questionable… but then again style is subjective right? We have […]

[Wanderlust Wednesday] A Peek Inside Kim JaeJoong's Moldir Boutique!

Welcome back to another Wanderlust Wednesday! Still remember our SwagCheck post that featured Kim Jae Joong and his own brand, Moldir? Link here: http://kavenyou.com/swag-check-moldir-by-jyj-kim-jae-joong/ That’s right! We actually went to the boutique to have a look! And we went to the store that was located at Cheongdam Dong! It’s fairly noticeable, since the boutique at […]

[Swag Check] Moldir by JYJ Kim Jae Joong!

Wasssup people! Welcome back to another Swag Check Thursday! With the rise of K-Pop stars becoming designers of their own apparels / accessories, like Jessica Jung with Blanc & Eclare (which we have posted before: http://kavenyou.com/swag-check-blanc-eclare-by-jessica-jung/). We are now going to introduce Moldir by JYJ‘s Kim Jae Joong! About Moldir: Moldir is a multi-fashion lifestyle […]

[Wanderlust Wednesday] JYJ Park Yoochun TimeOut Gelato Bar in Korea [CEASED]

11 February 2015, Singapore – Wasssup and welcome back to our weekly ‘Wanderlust Wednesday’ column! ^^ Hope you guys had a good read on “How to travel ‘boring’ Singapore during Lunar New Year Festivities”! This time we are going all the way to the land of paradise (kimchi)~ where all your KPOP idols came from; […]

台灣粉絲熱情迎接 JYJ王者們歸來!

[9月11日, 8點] 台北南港展覽館迎接了王者們的歸來!The Return of The King JYJ 亞洲巡迴演唱會台北站。王者們JYJ不但把炒熱現場氣氛,粉絲們的尖叫聲也沒有休止符。 JYJ 以“Creation” 拉開了演唱會序幕。演唱會一開始粉絲們興奮地揮著熒光棒,呈現出了一片亮眼的紅海。此外,王者們 JYJ 也不忘以中文與台灣的粉絲們問好,讓粉絲們都感受到了他們的用心與熱血。 演唱會當中當然少不了成員們的 Solo 部分。俊秀首先以妖豔的 Tarantallegra 抓住了粉絲們的目光。之後以“Oh~ Oh~” 的 Incredible 帶熱了現場的粉絲們,也與俊秀一起揮起了歌曲的動作。有天以紳士暖男型為粉絲們帶來了“Spring Walk”和“I Love You”。粉絲們也沈醉在有天迷人的歌聲當中。最後,在中唱出搖滾曲目”Butterfly” 和“Mine”。秀出了迷人的身材的在中,讓粉絲們感到害羞且發出了不斷的尖叫聲。為了台灣的粉絲們,JYJ 也很用心地為台灣粉絲們準備了中文歌曲,並全首都以中文詮釋了歌曲“十年”歌曲。 在演唱會當中,JYJ問起了有哪位粉絲是從美國來的?俊秀直接指了一位粉絲直接說“FROM!” 引起了全場的笑聲。因此,FROM 成為了當天晚上的演唱會的笑點。此外,粉絲們也為這場演唱會準備應援布條,上面寫著“就算JYJ成為了叔叔,粉絲們都會永遠支持與等待 JYJ”。JYJ 也以開玩笑的方式說如果自己變成了禿頭的叔叔,有肚腩再加上有孩子的話,粉絲們是否還會支持他們?粉絲們猶豫不決地回答了“是!”。 雖然有跨國語言的障礙,但是粉絲們似乎都明白JYJ 的對話,JYJ 也感受到了台灣的熱情。為了不辜負粉絲們的期望,JYJ 很用心地準備了這一次的舞台,為粉絲們創造了2014年9月11日美好的回憶。   Article & Photography by: 吳憶韻 Yevon @KAvenyou