[Foodie Friday] The ultimate Korean celebrity diet plan

suzy park shin hye diet

REVEALED: The quick and extreme diet plans of Korean celebrities Weight loss or diet amongst Korean celebrities (idol and actresses alike) has been a major talking point. The lost was so drastic that many were mistaken to have gone through the knife (cosmetic surgery). The stigma in the industry creates added pressure on celebrities to […]


IU Concert 24 STEPS in Taipei

IU Concert 24 STEPS in Taipei 解樹要來見大家了!這一次不是粉絲見面會,而是貨真價實的演唱會喔~IU即將在1月7日在新莊體育館開唱,11月20日正式售票,讓我們開始期待IU這次會準備什麼歌曲給台灣的粉絲朋友囖! 「IU Concert 24 STEPS in Taipei」 DATE:2017/1/7 (SATURDAY) TIME:18:30 VENUE:新北市新莊體育館 PRICE   :特A區、A區-站席,依序號進場 TWD$5,200 / TWD$4,600 西、南、東區-座席,對號入座 TWD$3,900 / TWD$3,300 / TWD$2,600 / NTD$2,000(視線不良區) 啟售時間:2016/11/20 (日) 上午11點 TICKETING AGENT:KKTIX 及 全台全家便利商店 ORGANIZER : Muse Entertainment ,就是娛樂