[INTERVIEW] JUMP Behind The Scenes of Comedy and Martial Arts!

Action-packed Korean theatre comedy, JUMP is currently in Singapore and KAvenyou had the opportunity to interview Cara Han, the producer of JUMP, to find out more about this wacky comedy show. 1) After performing in more than 87 countries, how does it feel for JUMP to return to Singapore to perform their 30,000th show here? We […]


[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Let Jasper Cho, aka Dr. Daniel Spencer mend your hearts!

For those who have tuned in to Descendants Of The Sun, Dr. Daniel Spencer, played by actor Jasper Cho Tae Kwan, would  have definitely caught your attention with his charming good looks and the role of a doctor who can fix everything from the Peacemaker Emergency Doctor Team. If you have read KAvenyou’s DOTS articles, […]

[INTERVIEW] Ground Zero (Taiwan) shares thoughts about coming for Skechers Sundown Festival

Indie Taiwan post-grunge/ alternative rock band Ground Zero (放射空間) will performing at the upcoming Skechers Sundown Festival 2015, of which the band will be the special guest. Ahead of their performance in Singapore, KAvenyou managed to have a short interview with the group, consisting of members Ray, Ivan, Jason and 小欣 (Xiao Shin), to let […]

[INTERVIEW] VIXX talks about meeting fans and their favourite Singaporean singer

Prior to the VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia concert in Singapore, KAvenyou had the chance to get close up with the VIXX members (sans Ken, who had other schedules in Korea) for a short interview, where they shared some details, such as their upcoming plans, collaborations they wish for, impression of their fans (also known as Starlights) […]

INTERVIEW – BOYFRIEND talk about world tour, projects and fans

Recently, Korean group Boyfriend had a world tour that included Latin America and Europe. Between these two continents they took some time to answer our questions. In March 2015, BOYFRIEND released a mini-album entitled Wonderland, a word that often refers to a place where beautiful and magical things. Between their domestic success and the cheers […]

[INTERVIEW] Image Suthita with her "Blank Space" cover gone viral

Thailand – Graduated from high school earlier in February this year, 17 year old IMAGE Suthita Chanachaisuwan (born 28 Jannuary 1998) gained fame tremendously after her audition cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” went viral on the social networking sites. Many praised her fluency in her pronounciation and the number of comments requesting for a […]

[KAvenyou Exclusive] Follow the footsteps of street photographer Alex Finch (@IAMALEXFINCH)

If you are into Korean street fashion, you will have most probably heard of Alex Finch, also known by his online moniker IAMALEXFINCH. Alex is a photographer from the UK living in Seoul shooting street photographs around one of the trendiest areas of the city. He has been doing so for about a year and […]