[Lifestyle] Most anticipated Korean movies to arrive in Singapore

Korean movies the negotiation

30 August 2018, Singapore – Chuseok is a period in Korea where the most highly anticipated Korean movies compete to be launched in cinemas. Clover Films has announced a slate of Korean movies, which promises to excite you from a wide spectrum of genre. Clover Films and Golden Village brings you the best Korean movies to […]


Catch JJANG WEDNESDAY – a Korean movie fiesta in Singapore cinemas!

Clover Films and Golden Village Multiplex are excited to introduce their latest programme – JJANG WEDNESDAY, a Korean movie fiesta! JJANG (짱) is a widely known Korean slang, which translates to ‘awesome’ in English. The collaboration aims to bring a wider variety of quality Korean movies to local audiences in Singapore. The Korean movie fiesta will take […]

Movie: Young & Fabulous featuring Aloysius Pang, Joshua Tan & Joyce Chu!

“No Dream Is Ever Too Big For Reality. Live The Impossible. 梦想就是把不可能变成可能.” YOUNG & FABULOUS 最佳伙扮 aims to inspire individuals to pursue their dreams against all odds. The film encompasses elements of the youths’ everyday jargon, lifestyle, and aspirations, and also covers the interesting issues in different relationships that can engage people of all ages […]

Movie: The Assassination starring Gianna Jun, Lee Jung Jae, Ha Jung Woo + Tickets Giveaway!

Synopsis “We need someone to shoot some guns in Seoul. Find this group of people In 1933, in an era when the fatherland has fallen, the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea singles out three people whose identities are unknown to Japan for a special mission. AHN Okyun, a sniper in the Korea Independence […]

Korean Heartthrob Siwon Choi & acclaimed Hong Kong Director Dante Lam will be in town on 5th August for the movie, To The Fore!

Korean heartthrob Siwon Choi 崔始源, together  with  acclaimed Hong  Kong Director Dante Lam 林超贤, will be in Singapore on 5th August to promote their latest sports-action blockbuster TO THE FORE 《破风》! They will be attending a series of promotional events during their Singapore whirlwind tour! Siwon Choi and Director Dante Lam will be attending TO […]

[COVERAGE] Captain Cool Julian Cheung isn't as skilled on hitting on ladies in real life?

Chilam: “我現實生活當中沒有那麼會泡妞” In town to promote the movie, Triumph in the Skies, Julian Cheung (better known as Chilam) and Charmaine Sheh shared with the media in Singapore their filming experiences. In the movie, Chilam would be retaining his role, Jayden (or Captain Cool). Having played this character in the second season of the drama two […]

Paradise in Service explores militants’ longing for their homeland and families

30 October 2014, Singapore – Directed by box office filmmaker Doze Niu (鈕承澤) and starring Golden Horse Awards’ Best Actor Ethan Juan (阮經天), Paradise in Service is a compelling movie set to explore the immense impact that war could cause on two different generations. To Taiwanese militants from the older generation, Unit 831 holds a […]