[Foodie Friday] Popular Korean Charcoal BBQ Seorae Brings Its Sizzle to Singapore

Annyeonghaseyo! In a city that can’t get enough of Korea’s exciting food and pop culture, the highly anticipated Seorae Galmaegi finally lands in Singapore at Plaza Singapura, opening on 24 December 2015. Seorae Singapore brings for the first time, the signature galmaegisal to our shores. Founded in 2007, Seorae Galmaegi, Korea’s charcoal barbecue concept restaurant […]


[Foodie Friday] Reasons why Andong jjimdak is better than Korean fried chicken

As an avid fan of Korean food, I was elated to hear that Andong Zzimdak has finally opened its doors in Singapore. People not familiar with Korean food may have never heard or tried Andong jjimdak before, which is made with chicken and vegetables marinated in a ganjang (Korean soy sauce)-based sauce.   Unlike typical […]

[Foodie Friday] Indulge in aroy mak mak Jim Jum Claypot at Aroy Jing Jing

Take a break from Mookata, and say hi to Jim Jum Claypot (จิ้มจุ่ม), a popular Isaan (Thai Northeastern) dish which is served in a claypot over charcoal. Opened by the owner of Mookata Thai restaurant in Singapore, Aroy Jing Jing specialises in Thai desserts and snacks, and it has recently introduced Jim Jum Claypot Steamboat […]

[Foodie Friday] Korea’s famous Andong jjimdak opens in Singapore

  Andong Zzimdak, Korea’s famous traditional Andong jjimdak franchise has opened its doors in Singapore on October 13th at Raffles City Shopping Centre, #B1-44F. Andong Jjimdak is the popular Korean dish made with chicken, various vegetables marinated in a ganjang (Korean soy sauce)-based sauce. Singaporeans who frequent Seoul will be familiar with this dish, as they can be commonly […]

[Foodie Friday] Churro101 shows you how the best churros are meant to be eaten

Dubbed the snack to eat when you visit Disneyland, churros can actually be a savoury or sweet respite from all the doughy goodness offered by bakeries. Crazes come and go, and while previously there was the bingsoo trend, and then the watermelon and flavored soju craze, the recent opening of Churro101 meant that there was […]

[Foodie Friday] Food inspiration for Hangul Day!

Happy Hangul Day! Here are some food inspirations to celebrate the commemorative day of the invention of the Korean alphabet with:   1) Hangul bottles from U:DALLY 요즘핫플레이스. #원주#유달리 A photo posted by 남혜은 (@namhye_) on Oct 8, 2015 at 1:37am PDT   2) ‘Hangul love’ cup holders from Angel-in-us Coffee #한글날 #한글사랑 #녹차라떼 A […]

[Foodie Friday] 4 delicious Fire Noodle recipes to burn your throat

Have you tried the Fire Noodle Challenge that has been taking the internet by storm earlier on this year? If you can’t handle the spiciness (like me) or just want to try something new, here are some variations of the trending Fire Noodle (buldak bokkeum myeon/불닭볶음면) by Koreans: * I’ll be referring to the noodles […]

[Foodie Friday] Hottest days of Korean summer & where to find the best ginseng chicken soups

The 3 hottest days, Sambok (삼복) of summer are back in Korea again, with Chobok (초복) which was just over, followed by the upcoming Jungbok (중복) and Malbok (말복). On the sweltering hot days, Koreans typically eat cold food like naengmyeon and bingsu, but do you know that Koreans also enjoy a piping hot bowl […]

[Foodie Friday] All about Cheese Restaurants for Cheese Lovers who ever visit Seoul

Cheese is now something very popular in Korean cuisine where suddenly many of the new, trendy restaurants now offer their main menu with cheese. For those of you who are visiting Seoul anytime soon, here is a great list of Cheese restaurants you should visit. 1. James Cheese Back Ribs First opened in 2014, it […]