[GIVEAWAY] Hwarang The Poet Warrior Youth Posters!

If you are a K-Drama fanatic, then you will definitely know one of the hottest on-going K-Drama right now! And that is Hwarang, the Poet Warrior Youth! The Historical Drama made up of pretty charming actors such as Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik and the pretty actress, Go Ara! Good news for all of […]


[DRAMA] "Destined To Love You (偏偏喜欢你)" gives you the best of 3 worlds – Taiwan, China and Hong Kong

  Drama  –  Being in the limelight since it started filming late last year, Mainland drama “Destined To Love You” (Chinese: 偏偏喜欢你) has finally seen light since it’s first episode aired on 16th June 2015. Destined To Love You is yet another masterpiece written by the top notch Chinese novelist Tong Hua (桐华) who have had […]

[DRAMA] Danson Tang returns with a lead role in "Murphy's Law of Love" with Jolin Chien and Ivelyn Li

  Best known for his role in Hana Kimi (花样少年少女), They Kissed Again (恶作剧之吻2) and The X-Family (终极一班), singer-actor Danson Tang (唐禹哲) returns to the screen with a lead role in Taiwanese romance-comedy drama series Murphy’s Law of Love (莫非,这就是爱情) this year. Casted alongside with Ivelyn Li Jia Ying (李佳颖) and Jolin Chien (簡宏霖). Although […]

[DRAMA] Cruel Romance (锦绣缘) between Huang Xiao Ming and Chen Qiao En

 Official Drama Trailer – Cruel Romance.   Widely known for her roles in “Fated To Love You (命中注定我爱你)”, “Prince Turns Into A Frog (王子变青蛙)” and “100% Senorita (千金百分百)”, Joe Chen Qiao En (陈乔恩) is finally back after a hiatus since 2012. Still looking radiant as years back, Qiao En returns with her latest drama series […]