[Foodie Friday] JINJJA Chicken Celebrates Pepero Day With Pepero Bingsu!

Singapore halal-certified Korean Restaurant JINJJA Chicken is launching Pepero Bingsu on 11/11, also known as Pepero Day in Korea! Pepero Bingsu, priced at $7.90, is a milky shaved ice topped with pillowy marshmellows, White Cookie Chocolate Peperos and a whole Lotte ChocoPie! To celebrate Pepero Day, the first 100 customers who purchase the Pepero Bingsu will also get […]


[Foodie Friday] 5 Bingsu Cafes to cool the heat in Singapore

After returning from Korea last summer, I suffered withdrawal symptoms from missing all the yummy and cheap Korean food. But with the booming Korean food scene in Singapore, my cravings have mostly been satisfied – except for bingsu, also known as Korean shaved ice. Having bingsu for every 2-3 days there, I went cold turkey […]