[AsNTM3] Finale – The Girl On Top

The top 3 were treated atop Singapore’s finest restaurant, Ku De Ta with the judges, Georgina Wilson, Alex Perry and Joey Mead King. The judges gave them an opportunity to talk about their career aspirations in the industry and also gave them the motivation to be Asia’s Next Top Model. For the final photoshoot, Monika, […]


[AsNTM3] Episode 8 – The Girl on a Mission

All the contestants were surprised and upset following Melissa’s sudden elimination in episode 7. Cliques were starting to form and the girls were getting vocal about their opinions. Meanwhile, Tahlia got a breast cancer scare and visited the medical center for a check-up. Georgina Wilson and Giovanni Wihayak, TRESemmé’s expert stylist got right into the […]

[AsNTM3] Episode 5 – The Girl with a Killer Smile

The double elimination from episode 4 has rocked the Model house with the girls getting emotional over Celine and Lorretta’s unexpected departure. The competition is getting fiercer and Chesca also felt the pressure with being in the bottom 3. Following the elimination ordeal, the contestants were greeted by Georgina Wilson, Dr. Cecile Infantado, Closeup’s smile […]