Discover more about Joseon Korea at Asian Civilisations Museum!

For the first time in Southeast Asia, ACM (Asian Civilisations Museum) will be bringing in Korean treasures that allow you to travel back to 500 years of Korea’s last dynasty, the Joseon period (1392 – 1897) Regardless if you are a K-fan who loves the Korean music, culture or always stay up late to catch […]


Joseon Korea: Court Treasures and City Life at Asian Civilisations Museum

Intrigued by sets and costumes from Korean historical dramas and films? Then you would want to see actual furniture, fashion, and decorative arts from Korea’s Joseon era (1392– 1897). Spanning some 500 years, Joseon was Korea’s last dynasty, and the legacy of its courtly culture and vibrant city life lives on in South Korea today. […]