Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes exhibition comes to Artscience Museum

Relive a decade’s worth of epic Marvel Studios moments at the upcoming, Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes at the Artscience Museum! Opening on 9 June, this exhibition will be an interactive presentation on the unique perspective of each Marvel Studios Super Hero. In 10 years and across 19 films, Marvel Studios has thrilled audiences and broken […]


The largest space flight exhibition, NASA – A Human Adventure launches at ArtScience Museum

Good news for space fanatics: NASA – A Human Adventure, the largest space flight exhibition ever to be held in Singapore is launching at ArtScience Museum, with over 200 historically significant artefacts on display including items which have flown in space. The exhibition tells the inspiring story of NASA’s huge achievements in space flights and […]

Enter the Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder at ArtScience Museum

More than 150 original works from M.C. Escher (1898 – 1972), one of the world’s greatest graphic artists, will be unveiled at ArtScience Museum at Journey to Infinity: Escher’s World of Wonder from 24 September 2016. Escher’s works explore the intersection between art, mathematics, science and poetry, fascinating generations of artists, architects, mathematicians, musicians and […]

[Wanderlust Wednesday] Step into the Future World where Art meets Science!

Still thinking of how you should enjoy your last week of holidays? Why not visit the ArtScience Museum! ArtScience Museum now holds a few exhibition for both locals and tourists, including Van Cleef & Arpels, Big Bang Data and Future World! “Inspire your imagination at Future World, the new permanent exhibition at ArtScience Museum. Explore […]

[Wanderlust Wednesday] Explore the Art and Science of Gems at ArtScience Museum!

Wondering where you can spend your June holidays on this little red dot? Singapore might be small or boring to some of us. Where else could we go except to the shopping malls and watching movies? Why not head off to the ArtScience Museum and explore more about the finest jewellery and gems! ArtScience Museum […]

[Wanderlust Wednesday] ArtScience Museum transforms into an animated menagerie this June!

Meet and mingle with animals of all shapes and forms during School Holidays Future World: Where Art Meets Science is launching a brand new installation to kick off the June holidays. It will transform the space into a digital menagerie of animals that roam freely across the galleries, as they are brought to life from […]

[Wanderlust Wednesday] Interactive permanent exhibition in collaboration with teamLab to open at ArtScience Museum!

Come 12 March, ArtScience Museum will unveil its first-ever permanent exhibition to the public – a futuristic world of high-tech artworks and interactive digital experiences. The landmark exhibition is a collaboration with teamLab, a globally renowned Japanese group of ultra-technologists and multi-award winning art collective. This major initiative marks a new chapter in the evolution […]

2016 Prudential Eye Awards exhibition sees strongest Southeast Asian representation

Returning to ArtScience Museum for the second year is the Prudential Eye Awards exhibition, which will run from 16 January to 27 March 2016. A marquee event of the Singapore Art Week, the exhibition showcases a diverse range of works from 15 shortlisted artists for the 2016 Prudential Eye Awards, with the strongest Southeast Asia […]

ArtScience Museum launches new programme ArtScience on Screen

ArtScience Museum has introduced its latest programme, ArtScience on Screen, as part of the museum’s ongoing strategy to produce and curate content for its permanent galleries. This new free programme is the latest addition to a series of avant-garde and cutting-edge programming at ArtScience Museum, which aims to further explore the interrelationship between art, science […]

Cutting-edge art collides with scientific discovery at Collider

Embark on an exciting journey of scientific discovery with Collider, an award-winning exhibition which will land at ArtScience Museum starting today. Through an immersive experience with specially designed soundscape and video art, visitors will ‘travel’ to the recreated site of CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) buried underground in Geneva, and witness the spectacular collision […]