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[Staff Diaries] Guide to not bore yourself out in Jeju

[Staff Diaries] Guide to not bore yourself out in Jeju

Looking at my Jeju photos, I already miss the beautiful scenery I see everyday on that island… can you imagine waking up to this kind of view every morning? (and no, I didn’t edit the photo except to add the watermark)


I didn’t regret choosing a guesthouse overlooking the sea, although it was a little pricier than those in the city area. I promise the view will be worth every single extra cent! However, the negative points of living in the coastal area are the inaccessibility of the location if none of your travelling buddies can drive, and there is no night life. (but don’t expect Jeju to have that much night life, otherwise this isn’t the place for you)

In my opinion, I feel that most museums in Jeju can be given a miss because they’re really quite… boring. The following are the places that I feel are worth visiting in Jeju:


O’Sulloc Tea Museum

The museum area is quite small, but the green tea field is very beautiful and it’s designated as a photo zone for visitors to take photos with. There is also a café inside, and the green tea food products (especially ice-cream) is a must-try!


Cheonjeyeon & Cheonjiyeon waterfalls

Take note that both waterfalls are located that different locations, although their names are very similar! Be prepared to climb a lot of steps and please wear shoes with good soles because it will be quite wet and slippery near the waterfall areas.


The Seaes Hotel & Resort

This is also the filming location for a number of dramas, and most notably Secret Garden – where the bench kiss scene took place. The exact bench is kind of like a tourist attraction right now, with a signage calling it the Secret Garden “Kiss Bench” and a photo from the drama as a proof shot. The pretty worn out bench probably shows how many people have came to visit and take pictures with it.

You can walk around the premises of the hotel as well, as some areas are open to public!


Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market

Maeil (매일) means everyday, and this market is open daily! You can check out the seafood and fresh produce being displayed and sold there. Despite it being a market, it is actually quite clean! One interesting store I chanced upon was a clothing store selling clothes made from tangerines! :O


Café de Seoyeun

This is the filming location for Architecture 101! (starring Suzy, Han Ga In, Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Je Hoon) The café overlooks the sea, and when I went there, it was crowded with Korean families and couples – clearly the movie was indeed a big hit in Korea! If you’ve watched the movie, the items on display in the café will surely be very familiar to you – the discman and CD album, the plan for the house and the bicycle.


If you go up to the second floor, it is where the rooftop grass patch area where Ha Ga In and Uhm Tae Woong lay together in the movie. Sadly it was closed off to public when I was there, probably to give time for the grass to regrow. However, I enjoyed a cup of iced chocolate facing the grass patch and the breathtaking sea view. The wall on the second floor was covered with this gigantic picture of Suzy and Lee Je Hoon.

For fans of the drama Reply 1997, you will notice that the staff are all wearing the “GEUSS” shirt, adding a tinge of cheekiness to the café! If you want to reminiscence memories of your first love, do hop by this café!


Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak)

In order to catch the sunrise, you must wake up very early and also check the weather conditions first! I was really unlucky because the whole area was very foggy and we were unable to see anything, except the skies turning blue from black. The climb up is quite tiring and it was also very cold at the top when I was there. However upon descending, I was rewarded with great views of the surroundings! Also, after that I found out that Seongsan Ilchulbong was formed from volcanic eruptions, known as a tuff cone with a crater in the middle – it’s quite cool to know that you’re climbed on one!


Eco Land Theme Park

The concept of exploring the area on a train is cool, and this place was actually a filming location for Running Man before! The Eco Bridge at Lakeside station was also a filming location for a KARA’s Nature Republic CF!


Manjanggul Cave

Please dress warmly because it is surprisingly super chilly inside! And please wear covered shoes because it is wet and slippery in the cave – water is constantly dripping in the cave. The area open for public inside extends till about 1km, so if you want to walk all the way in, be prepared to be chilled for around 2km~


Udo Island

Udo Island is a small island off Jeju where you have to take a ferry across to get there. You can spend the day exploring around the island by car (if you drove your car onboard the ferry), bicycle, motorbike, or an ATV. The beaches around the island are very scenic and the cafés located by the beaches are also very pretty! Do remember to try the peanut ice-cream there as Udo Island is famous for it!

Actually the beaches are also worth visiting too but sadly it was still not really fully open for the summer season yet. However, I saw families building sandcastles and surfers trying to catch the waves in the sea.

What other places in Jeju do you think it’s a must-visit? Do leave your comments below!

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