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[Sponsored Video] Renowned artist Tristan Eaton joins the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 fandom

galaxy note 10.1 tristan eaton

galaxy note 10.1 tristan eaton

23 September 2012 – The Galaxy Note 10.1 series of advertisements are back, with this featuring renowned artist and toy designer Tristan Eaton. You can probably guess the focus of this campaign when an artist is featured. What we are seeing in this campaign is simple; the concept of the S-Pen being a prefect replacement for an artist’s tool called the pencil.

As a creative leader in the world of advertising, Eaton regularly consults such brands as Hasbro, Pepsi and Nike on many creative projects that span the globe and cross all mediums. What Samsung did was to have the artist have a go at the new device, and everything else was history. In the video, Eaton demonstrated how the Note 10.1 fits into his live of designing by drafting his idea and inspiration using the device. He then throws a party on the rooftop, drawing LIVE on the Note and projecting it directly on a wall. This not only showcased how good the S-Pen is as a unique function on the device, but also the infinite possibilities such a gadget can change the way you do things in your life.

galaxy-note-10.1 s-pen

The S-Pen works like a high-tech stylus allowing you to draw and take down notes right there on the tablet’s screen, but with increased precision when compared to conventional styli. The device comes bundled with softwares like the S Note, Adobe Photoshop Touch, and Adobe Ideas to help the user better make use of the capabilities of the S-Pen. Be it basic notes taking with the S Note, or photo editing with the Adobe Photoshop Touch. There is no shortage of fun and functionality with the S-Pen, so if you own the Note 10.1 or is considering to get one, this may become the reason of why your money should be invested on this device.


This article is sponsored by Samsung.

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