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[Sponsored Video] Learn the secret to multitasking from James Franco with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1



Previously, we announced the arrival of a more powerful instalment of the Note, in he form of the Galaxy Note 10.1. Samsung has released a new video featuring James Franco, and it basically shows him moving around in his so-called daily work, which includes the production of a commercial.

Samsung and their key competitor in the mobile devices market is not only engaged in product and patent battles, but might well be engaging battle in the marketing scene as well. When Apple launched their previous big thing in SIRI the ultimate personal assistant, where you speak to your phone like a lonely dud, their commercials featured various stars going about their daily chores with the help of it. The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 commercial goes with the exact same concept, and it definitely seems like something the normal you and I can easily relate to as compared to having someone talking to the phone.

In the commercial above, we do see various interesting activities that was carried out on the new Note 10.1, and how it helps James in his work. The bulk of the focus is definitely still on the use of the stylus, with him making quick scribbles while cooking with the help of a recipe. The ability of searching seemingly with the use of a photo taken with the device, and the various activities that was performed aims to cast a image that the device is all you need to make you a champion multi-tasker.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 definitely looks like a cool device to be carried around if you love to scribble on your good old paper notebooks, rather than scribbling with your fingers on the typical tablets out in the market. The Galaxy Note 10.1 has been released in various countries, and is noted to be priced more expensive than it’s competing Apple device at major stores. Is that additional cost the price to pay for a built-in stylus? You be the judge.

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