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[Sponsored Video] Just how far can you go by bartering Heineken?



What are the first thing that you can think of if you want to go travelling across countries? Money? Passport?

Perhaps offering labour in exchange for meals, transport and lodging sounds reasonable for some backpackers, and they can travel a long way with that. Would it be too far-fetched if someone was to tell you that you can travel across Asia with a bottle of beer?

This is exactly what the team at Iris Singapore is trying to prove to you when they crafted the Heineken Passport campaign.

In its newest campaign, Heineken has created a four episode online campaign showing one man making his way across Asia using only Heineken. The campaign invites Heineken fans to follow the journey of a protagonist, Justin, as he makes his way from remote places to bustling cities. Throughout the journey, he has to exchange Heineken for a lift, directions and even exchange Heineken with a Inner Mongolian wrestler, all in the name of adventure, and beer.

Fans are also encouraged to sign up for their own virtual passports on the campaign site, to accumulate miles by carrying out interactive tasks such as sharing, watching content and answering questions about Justin’s encounters in each city.

At the end of each day, the Heineken ‘Passport holder’ who earns the most miles will stand a chance to win the daily prize of a Heineken adventure pack. At the end of the journey, a user’s total accumulated miles will be converted into chances to win great prizes in the final prize draw, which include digital cameras and a party at Sensation Taiwan for the winner and three friends.

So why not check out how Justin is able to travel from Inner Mongolia to Bangkok by overcoming the traditional wrestlers in Shangdu, navigating through the bustling Shanghai streets, conquering a river outside Hanoi, and finally seeking the right outfit to be at the Sensation Thailand party.

Click on the below videos to watch Justin’s adventures!

This article is sponsored by Heineken.


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