[Sponsored Video] Johnnie Walker shows you how gentlemen makes a wager



What comes to mind when a man is referred to as a gentleman?

A gentleman for us relates to a man with exemplary qualities, and in old English culture probably includes the ability to dance.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the leading luxury Blended Scotch Whisky, launched on a short film starring actors Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini for their new campaign. The short film brings out the uniqueness of Johnnie Walker Blue label, and how it can be enjoyed by gentlemen out there alike. The 2 men are featured having an interesting wager to get their hands on a rarer than rare boat, which can be related to how the Johnnie Walker Blue Label is being blended by quality ingredients.

There is much entertainment injected in this campaign through the little dance, accompanied by catchy music. The entire dance segment gives off the vibes of a scene from a musical where Law led a group dance. It is a matter of time where Giannini would be drawn into the dance. We leave you to enjoy the short film to see who eventually wins the wager.

The amount of effort that the Law put into the preparation of his dance, makes us think of the similar amount of effort the good people working behind the scenes to bring the best whisky to your table.

This leaves us to ponder, is there really a price to a rarer than rare item, and what is the price one will be willing to pay to get their hands on such an item?

This article is sponsored by Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

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