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[Sponsored Video] Improve your learning experience with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1



Since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, we have been featuring a series of innovative campaigns that was launched by the Korean electronics giant, which showcased the capabilities and usability in various situations. Much of the hype and focus has been on the S-Pen, and how it can be used by various professionals like Tristan Eaton.

This time around, Samsung has teamed up with the Institute of Play to illustrate how the Galaxy Note 10.1 enhances learning at the Institute in a way that was difficult before, by transforming students from consumers into producers of knowledge using the tablet. The Institute of Play is a non-profit design studio that started in 2007 and is based in New York City.  The Institute of Play studio consists of designers and learning practitioners.

In this video, the Institute’s team, including staff and teachers at CICS ChicagoQuest, share new ideas about learning in an increasingly networked world, and demonstrate the power of connectivity in learning environments.


The 4-minute video gives viewers a glimpse of how students can possibly enhance their learning experience by integrating the use of the Note 10.1 into the process, which also showcases features that enhance textbooks, note-taking, research and gaming, such as the S-Pen, the Kno App, the S-Note Productivity Tools and Knowledge Search and Quick Note.

With the addition of this campaign to the entire series, Samsung seems to be widening their outreach from professionals, lifestyle consumers, and now to the students and schools. With competition in the tablet market heating up, it will take a huge effort to be able to influence and capture consumers’ hearts.

This article is sponsored by Samsung

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