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[Sponsored Video] Express yourself and unleash your creativity with the Samsung Galaxy Note II



With the Korean electronics giant hitting the sweet-spot for display size, and creating a new category of part smartphone and part tablet known as the “phablet” with the Samsung Galaxy Note, they are now striking while the iron is hot with the release of a followup with an even bigger screen. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 improves on the “phablet” concept in nearly every aspect, and the honed in stylus functionality makes for a unique experience.

At 3.16 inches (80.5mm) wide, 5.95 inches (151.1mm) tall and 0.37 inches (9.4mm) deep, the Note II is thinner, narrower and taller than the original Note. This, along with the pebble-like shape, offers a more comfortable experience when you’re cradling it in your hand, though it’s just a tad heavier at 6.35 ounces (180g).

Perhaps the best thing about the Note is that screen. At over 5-inches, it’s a formidable size for all things video, and the Note has some pretty cool tricks up its sleeve for this. But best of all, its 720p (720 x 1280) resolution is ideal for lots of media, and you’ll get a lot out of video that uses this format, as it’s brilliantly matched to one of the most common HD formats. Being an AMOLED panel, there’s no shortage of colour here, with bright tones bursting out of the screen. Samsung, perhaps aware of the criticism OLED gets for being quite unrealistic, has also provided modes to tone down the colour, should you want more natural tones.

The Note 2 Multi Window feature allows Galaxy Note 2 owners to run two apps simultaneously. These apps are displayed in windows on the smartphone-tablet hybrid’s 5.5-inch display.

To further showcase the capabilities of this new phone, Samsung released a series of hands-on videos of the Galaxy Note 2 at work. One video showcases the design, performance, and display. The next shows how efficient the device is with multitasking. The other two show off the Galaxy Note 2’s expression tools and how they help the average person become an artist.

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