[SPONSORED VIDEO] Discover your beauty with Dove: Patches!


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As previously advertised on social media and the Internet, personal care brand Dove, ran two campaigns to assist women in improving their self-confidence.

Dove’s newly created campaign features ‘Dove: Patches’, which are these adhesive plasters designed to change the ways that women with low self-esteem perceive themselves.

Several women were invited to discover their inner beauty by taking part in a two-week long program. They were told that these patches supposedly had some ability to provide them changes they wanted to see in themselves, and that they had to keep video diaries to document the process.

The journey towards finding what they deem beautiful as well as their self-esteem is shown to have evolved over the course of two weeks, leading these lovely ladies to believe that the ‘Dove: Patches’ were actually effective.

Within this short video, you’ll see these ladies embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner beauty. As Dove says, ‘beauty is a state of mind’.

Watch the video below:

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