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SMTOWN Live World Tour III Jakarta organiser media announcement


(From left to right) Pilip Wiguna, Sean Sudwikatmono, Dani Soegiarso, Victor Tjandraputra. The SMTOWN Live World Tour III Jakarta promoters and the official ticket selling site director at the press conference.

6 August 2012, Jakarta – With the spirit and the excitement of Indonesia’s biggest concert ever, W Productions, MP Entertainment and MyTicket held the “SMTown Live World Tour III Jakarta” press conference. The press conference was held in Sands Ballroom & Theatre, Mangga Dua Square, Jakarta on August 6th 2012. The press conference was attended by mass medias and fanbase representatives.

There are four speakers in the press conference, Sean Sudwikatmono (W Productions Managing Director), Victor Tjandraputra (Directror of MP Entertainment), Dani Soegiarso (MP Entertainment) and Pilip Wiguna (Director of My Ticket). In his speech, Sean Sudwikatmono confirmed that all listed SM Artistes (Kangta, BoA, TVXQ!, Super Junior, Girls’ Generations, Shinee, f(x) and EXO) will definitely come to Jakarta to perform.

According to Sean, the one who has successfully brought Rain and Super Junior to Jakarta before, SMTown is way much bigger and challenging for the promoter.  There are a lot of artistes with a lot of fans. That’s why W Productions and MP Entertainment will pay more attention to the readiness of the venue and security for the sake of the artistes and fans. On the venue, promoter will prepare more than 750 security guards, a lot of policemen, 20 Ambulances and its medical team and also a nearby hospital for the security and health sake either of the artistes or the fans.  The stadium will also covered with grass protectors in the festival area to help the crowd standing comfortably and to maintain the quality of the soccer field grass.


(From left to right) Indra Herlambang (MC), Pilip Wiguna, Sean Sudwikatmono, Dani Soegiarso, Victor Tjandraputra. The promoters with the spirit of a K-Pop boyband.


The ticket box will be officially opened on Friday, 10 August 2012 for the first time. According to Pilip Wiguna, Director of My Ticket—SMTown Live World Tour III Jakarta official ticket seller—on this Friday the ticket will be sold offline only. Let’s see detailed information about the premiere ticket selling below:

Date: Friday, August 10th 2012
Time: 10.00 – 22.00 (GMT +7)

  • Grand Indonesia, 5th floor fountain area, Jakarta
  • Sands Ballroom, 5th floor Mangga Dua Square, Jakarta

Important Notes:

  • Bring your valid ID
  • Maximum 4 tickets per person

For international fans, you can buy the tickets online on Online ticket selling will be started after the offline one, so stay tuned. Please keep yourself updated by contacting one of these partner fanbases twitter account:

  • Indonesian Jumping BoA (@IndoJumpingBoA)
  • SJ-World (@sjworld)
  • Cassiopeia Indonesia (@Cassiopeia_INA)
  • Sujunesia (@Sujunesia)
  • Elf Ina United (@ElfInaUnited)
  • Soneid (@snsdindo, @indososhi, @soneidws, @kaskusone)
  • Shawol Indonesia (@Off_Shawolindo)
  • Exo Indonesia (@EXOInd)

For information of the event, do refer to our article “SMTown World Tour III hits South East Asian shores in Jakarta, Indonesia

Catch a video highlight of the event below.

Article by: Farhad@KAvenyou & Hakim@Indososhi


  1. I’m really looking forward to this concert. Hope it goes well

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