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Singapore gets first taste of SMTOWN Live World Tour

SMTown Live World Tour I AM

SMTown Live World Tour "I AM"

31 May 2012, Singapore – Singapore had a first taste of the SMTOWN Live World Tour on home soil after the likes of TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee and Girls’ Generation (SNSD) all held solo concerts here. However, the sheer scale of the SM Entertainment family concert is only confined to a approximately 400 seater hall at Marina Square Golden Village Cinemas.

The Singapore SMTown fanclub known by the name of SMTown_SG organised an exclusive private screening of the “I AM” movie by SM Entertainment on the first day of public screening. The atmosphere was distinctively different from a normal day, as many fans gathered decked in their respective colours with lightsticks and official fan support goods outside the Golden Village cinema at Marina Square. The Singapore f(x) fanclub by the name of affxtionsg also made beautiful cupcakes, in support of their favourite artistes.

affxtionsg cupcakes

affxtionsg cupcake closeup

As a neutral, you will find the movie more enjoyable if you were to join a group of fans, since we enjoyed the concert-like atmosphere with various fans screaming, waving light-sticks and shouting fan-chants. Since the screening included all sets of fans like ELFs, SONEs, Cassies, Shawols, f(x) and etc, all artistes gets equal amount of screams. Who said SMTown fans could not get along, as this is the perfect example of fandom harmony.

The movie plot takes place at Madison Square garden, and moves in a sequence to feature all the individual groups, which included interviews and snippets of clips from their debut, audition and trainee days. Some of the clips have never been revealed before, and might bring you down memory lane if you have been a fan for a long time.

The general impression is that Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, SHINee and f(x) got the bulk of the features in the movie, with TVXQ, Kangta and even BoA having to play a more laid-back role. We definitely thought that TVXQ and BoA should at least get more screen-time, given their long history.

We will not reveal too much, as the fans should really watch it if it is showing in your country. It is worth watching even if you are a neutral or simply a K-Pop fan, as there are good coverage on the thoughts and feelings of the artistes. If you are not into K-Pop, or simply dislikes SMTown artistes, then we will advise you to pass.

We would like to thank SMTown_SG for organising this, and for Golden Village Cinemas to have provided for the opportunity for private screenings, for fans to enjoy this together. The movie is open to public, and shown exclusively at Golden Village Cinemas only, so catch it before it is over. If you get the opportunity, do join the private screenings organised by various Singapore fanclubs.

Article by: James @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou

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