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Showkase 2 featuring NU’EST: Press Conference

Showkase 2 featuring NU’EST: Press Conference

JR: “In five years’ time, I see NU’EST at the top, touring around the world and most importantly Singapore.”

For a group with big dreams, NU’EST appeared to be grounded and endearing in their first ever press conference in Singapore last Saturday on October 26th. Despite flying in just mere hours before the press conference and showcase, the boys were all smiles throughout the day, revealing no visible signs of fatigue at all.

During the press conference, NU’EST discussed, among others, their first impressions of Singapore. Baekho, lead vocalist, revealed that he had heard from a Pledis staff member before the trip that Singapore was a very clean city, and therefore had big expectations before coming to Singapore. JR, the leader of the group, echoed this expectations, announcing that he wanted enthusiastic responses from the fans, eliciting screams of approvals from the girls (and a few boys) that had bought VIP and Ambassador passes to view the press conference and showcase.

NU’EST also showed the reporters a candid side of themselves as they discussed how they would resolve conflicts and problems that would inevitably arise as a result of living together 24/7. Aron, the only English-speaking member having stayed in the States all his life before joining the band, joked that as he was the hyung (older brother), he would simply tell the members off with a stern hajima (Korean for “don’t do it”).

Baekho, upon hearing Aron’s fluent response in English, cheekily announced in Korean that “I can’t speak in English.”

They also showed off their close relationship, with leader JR revealing that one of the group’s favourite shared pastime is to watch dramas together. According to him, if one member watches a drama, all five will start to watch it together.

Some dramas that NU’EST highly recommend include Nice Guy and Reply 1997. Are you watching these dramas as well?

NU’EST also took time to reflect on some more serious issues. When asked on their thoughts on how their debut song “Face” discusses the societal problem of school bullying, member Baekho cleverly explains that while they do not believe that they can change the world with just one song, what they hope to achieve through “Face” is to encourage people to think about the problem, and to give this issue serious thought.

The members of NU’EST demonstrated through the press conference that beneath their idol-perfect looks lie professionalism, passion for their craft and quality substance. Thank you to Kpopgaga and the boys of NU’EST for the opportunity to attend the NU’EST’s first ever press conference in Singapore! Check out our follow-up posts on the NU’EST showcase and a KAvenyou exclusive interview with the boys for a complete view of ShowKase 2 featuring NU’EST.

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Written by: Rachel @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Xuanlin @ KAvenyou

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