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SHOWKASE 2 featuring NU’EST: First time ever in Singapore!

SHOWKASE 2 featuring NU’EST: First time ever in Singapore!

Sleek dance moves. Powerful vocals. Adorable fan service. The boys of NU’EST exhibited all three must-have idol qualities to stunning detail on October 26th in their first ever Singapore showcase and fanmeet held at St James Powerstation.

Fans were first treated to an opening dance number by Singapore dance crew Beyond Infinity. The all-girl dance group paid tribute to NU’EST’s seniors, After School, with a solid rendition of their latest hit Flashback.

The stars of the evening, NU’EST then took the stage to perform their debut single Face to a large crowd of appreciative fans. NU’EST showed off their unique choreography and vocal prowess as they performed the song, expertly handling the white chairs that were props critical to the choreography.

Did you know that Baekho went to the side of the stage to arrange the chairs himself before the start of the song because the stage crew did not place the chairs on the stage? KAvenyou saw a crew member hurry to arrange the chairs after seeing Baekho’s thoughtful act. Props to Baekho!

After heating up the venue with an energetic dance number, NU’EST then slowed down the mood with a pensive ballad, I’m Sorry, while fans sang along in perfect unison.

In a short Q&A session, NU’EST invited their fans to ask them questions. One fan asked the boys for tips should she plan to audition to enter the Korean entertainment scene, and Aron sincerely encouraged her to “stay focused and to not let other things get in (your) way. Stay focused and keep chasing the dream.”

NU’EST then held a short dance competition with their fans, picking three lucky girls from the crowd to join them on stage and perform the moves from the chorus of Face. The winner of the mini dance battle walked away with a T-shirt previously worn by Ren, but not before sneaking a hug with the members and gifting him with a hat of her own.

Not wanting to leave out the rest of the fans, NU’EST also held a short giveaway event, where they picked out several lucky fans and gifted them with their prized personal items. One notable gift given away to a lucky fan was Minhyun’s T-shirt, which was a birthday present. Fans then sang Ren a birthday song in Korean, and Ren appeared to be so surprised that he forgot to make a wish before blowing out the candles! After much prompting from the host and fans he finally announced that his wish was for all fans to last together with NU’EST, a confession met with much cheers from the audience.

NU’EST also performed Gangnam Style for the fans, and while most members did not seem to be able to remember the moves accurately, Ren surprised the audience by performing the choreography with unrivalled enthusiasm.

The boys then performed crowd-favourite Action before leaving the stage for the last time, much to the reluctance of all fans present, but not before promising that they will be back soon. Thank you to Kpopgaga and the boys of NU’EST for the opportunity to attend the NU’EST’s first ever showcase in Singapore! Check out our follow-up posts on the NU’EST press conference and a KAvenyou exclusive interview with the boys for a complete view of ShowKase 2 featuring NU’EST.

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Written by: Rachel @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Xuanlin @ KAvenyou

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