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SHINee shows who’s the best gamer at Mstar fan meet!

SHINee shows who’s the best gamer at Mstar fan meet!


8 September 2013 – To celebrate the first year anniversary of the Mstar Online game in Taiwan, the ambassadors of the online game – SHINee were invited for a Super VIP fan meet. Before the main event, we met SHINee at the press conference where they shared their feelings about Taiwan and also the Mstar Super VIP fan meet.

Even though SHINee came to Taiwan for their 2013 SHINee Festival Tour in Taipei in early August, they were still happy to be here again, and they hoped that fans will continue to support and play Mstar Online. For this event, only 700 lucky fans got the chance to attend the fan meet and all the tickets were sold out within a short span of time. When asked about their thoughts regarding this, SHINee said that they were very thankful for the passionate support from their fans and they were very excited to see their fans too. SHINee also revealed that even though they have come to Taiwan for so many times, they are still in love Taiwan delicacies, such as bubble tea and xiao long bao.

As the judges of the final SHINee style dance competition, they were very eager to see the finalists as they have heard that many people had signed up and participated in this dance competition.


SHINee also mentioned that they have played Mstar Online and shared that the key to winning the game is to have a good sense of rhythm because the game requires you to hit the arrows at the right beat. In their dormitory, SHINee will compete with one another to see who can score the highest points when they play computer games together. Fortunately, they have not fought over computer games before!

SHINee was also asked if they would like to participate in the international version of We Got Married where they will be married to a Taiwanese celebrity after Taemin’s rise in popularity due to the Korea version of We Got Married. They mentioned that have no plans to do so at the moment, but they would love to give it a try if they have the opportunity to do so in the future.

The almighty Key, who is well known for picking up girl groups’ dance choreography, was asked what his recent favourite dance was. Key admitted that he is a fan of f(x) and he has been following their comeback performances. He also confessed that he had learn their new song, ’Rum Pum Pum Pum from watching their comeback performances on TV.


Before the press conference ended, SHINee was invited on stage to demonstrate the Mstar Online game. SHINee was thrilled looking at their avatars dancing to their very own ‘Dream Girl’. Onew even stretched his arms to prepare himself for the game. When the game started, they became serious with their eyes fixated on the monitors. However, during the interval of the game, they smiled and danced to the music! Taemin was also caught tapping to the beat with his feet and he revealed that this helped him with getting the rhythm. Even though Onew was crowned the best player amongst the five of them, Key was the one who won the game during the demonstration.


This marks the end of the press conference, and before SHINee left the stage, they humbly bowed to the reporters and photographers to thank them for coming!

KAvenyou would like to thank Mstar Online for the invite to SHINee Mstar Fan Meet in Taiwan.

Check out SHINee performing ‘Dream Girl’ during their fan meet here:

Check out more photos of the event here: SHINee Mstar Fan Meet in Taiwan

Article and Photography by: Tammy @

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