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SHINee releases a travel journal on May 25

SHINee releases a travel journal on May 25

According to an announcement made by their agency, SM Entertainment, on May 16, SHINee (Onew, Jong Hyun, Min Ho, Tae Min, and Key) have written a travel journal titled SHINee’s SurpriseVacation, containing candid descriptions of things they experienced during their travels. It will go on sale on the 25th of May.

An agency official says, “The travel journal contains pictures of beautiful scenery and ordinary life stories of the group members, who traveled to Switzerland, Thailand, England, and Japan. Tae Min enjoys extreme sports in Switzerland, Onew spends a good time at a resort in Thailand, Min Ho enjoys watching a Premiere League game in England, Key enjoys everyday life in London, and Jong Hyun takes a rest in Japan. In the journal, you can see a side of the group members’ lives that is normally hidden from view in their splendid performances. The travel journal consists of souvenir photos, other photos of belongings they took with them, their diary entries during the trips, and their travelogues.”

The travel journal can be ordered in advance in many online bookstores and will go on sale on May 25.

Source: Starnews


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