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SE7EN showcased his “Gag Style” at Taiwan press conference SE7EN 大秀搞笑才藝使整場記者會笑聲不斷



22 September 2012, Taiwan – After 6 years of waiting, K-pop star SE7EN finally came back for his “2012 Loving Tour in Taipei”. This time round, he will be celebrating the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival with the fans during his music party. Throughout the press conference, SE7EN joked around with the host and translator, which led to the hall being filled with laughter.

The organiser prepared some Mid-Autumn festival delicacies for SE7EN at the press conference, like mooncakes and pomelos. SE7EN repeatedly exclaimed “好吃”(delicious) after tasting the snacks. At the same time, he also grasped every opportunity to “show off” his Chinese, repeating after the host, like “明天再見 (see you tomorrow)”, “請大家記得來” (Please come tomorrow),明天見(see you tomorrow)”, “我會加油的 (I will do my best)”, and “我喜歡 (I like it)”. The host jested that the translator could take a rest with the sudden improvements in SE7EN’s mandarin abilities.


When questioned about what he would miss the most in Taiwan, SE7EN gave the best answer possible that he would miss his fans the most, and showed a “heart” gesture to the fans. He added that he would like the fans to introduce him some delicious Taiwanese food. When the fans suggested 臭豆腐 (smelly toufu), SE7EN said he thought of trying it a few years back but the smell stopped him from consuming it, but he will try to get it at night.

When the host asked SE7EN to reveal some information about his music party, SE7EN remained tight-lipped and said that he would like to keep it secret. However, fans can expect 6 to 7 songs, including his favorite tracks from his latest album. SE7EN even revealed that he would consider flashing his perfect figure. So to all the fans out there, please look forward to SE7EN’s performance on 23 September 2012 at ATT showbox.


SE7EN thanked the fans for their unbreaking support during these 6 years and still welcomed him with open arms. He hoped that all the fans will have a good time and enjoy the music party together. On top of that, SE7EN kept emphasising that he does not usually behave like a gagman in Korea, but the fans in Taiwan made him excited, which urged him into wanting to entertain his fans with amusement.


SE7EN 大秀搞笑才藝使整場記者會笑聲不斷





在記者會中當然少不了關於明天同樂會「2012 SE7EN Taiwan Loving Tour」的相關問題,保持神秘感的SE7EN一直不願透露其中的部份內容,只說明會選擇自己6至7首歌曲,其中包括了自己喜歡的及專輯中的新歌,更鼓勵歌迷們一定要前來參與。除了獻唱以外,內容也少不了與歌迷互動遊戲及對話。身材姣好的SE7EN被主持人問及是否可以在同樂會中大秀身材呢?SE7EN表示自己會考慮,因此歌迷們明天可能就有眼福羅!


在記者會的尾聲他表示自己很感謝歌迷在這六年裡都沒忘記自己也相當歡迎自己來到台灣,希望歌迷們能在明天的同樂會中有一個美好的時光及享受其過程。當然也一直在強調著自己並不是走搞笑路線的,只是因為台灣的歌迷太熱情了,所以才會有這樣的形象出現,請歌迷們不要誤會呢!SE7EN台北同樂會「2012 SE7EN Taiwan Loving Tour」將在23日晚間6點半於台北ATT Show Box開唱。

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Chinese article by: Ting Zi 婷子 @ KAvenyou


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