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Rookie girl group GIRLFRIEND makes a sweet debut at KPOPGAGA PREVIEW in Singapore

22 September 2012, Singapore – GIRLFRIEND (previously known as BIKINY) is a 4-member girl group under STAR FACTORY (스타팩토리) comprising of leader Jae In (재인), Mizi (미지), Haei (해이) and maknae Yoa (요아). As part of the KPOPGAGA PREVIEW event headlined by SuperStar K2 finalist Kim So Jung, GIRLFRIEND made a special debut appearance in Singapore for the first time. The cheerful and bubbly girls did the opening performance with their new song “FIESTA”, which left an impression with the fans. The girls were seen giggling amongst themselves throughout the fan signing, and went along with almost all fan requests. All the fans present also brought home posters with customised autographs from both Kim So Jung and GIRLFRIEND, whom addressed each autograph to the fan itself.
The PREVIEW event, was followed by a press conference at the lush poolside environment at Oasia Hotel, and below is a transcript of the conference to help you find out more about the cheerful and bubbly girls of GIRLFRIEND.
Q. What are your current and future plans?
Haei:Hello I am Girlfriend’s Haei! Our first single “Fiesta” and second single “Beautiful Boys” will be out soon. We are aiming to get more fans with the 2 singles. We might plan for overseas events thereafter.
Q. Have you considered branching into acting dramas or movies?
Jae In: Hi I am Girlfriend’s leader Jae In. Actually I am currently taking acting lessons. I would like to be acting with all the members. Maybe you guys can see me in variety shows, dramas or movies in the future.
Mizi: Hi I am Mizi from Girlfriend. I am also learning acting and will definitely try it out if there were chances in the future.
Q. Who is your inspiration in the entertainment industry?
Yoa:Hi, I am Girlfriend’s Yoa, nice to meet all of you! We are inspired by Lee Hyori sunbaenim, 2NE1 and Niky Miraz.
Q. Is there any particular, male or female artistes that you would like to work with?
Jae In: In my own opinion, I like BIGBANG’s Taeyang. If there are chances, I hope to collaborate with him.
Haei:I will go for a bigger dream. I am sure you all heard of PSY who did Gangnam Style! I hope to maybe perform any one song with him on stage in New York!
Q. Are there any attractions that you would like to visit or have visited?
Haei: I really hope to visit Clarke Quay before leaving Singapore.
Q. Since this is your first time in Singapore, how do you find the Singapore fans?
Jae In:I did not really expect to have many fans here. In fact, I thought we do not have any fans, but earlier on in Cineleisure, I saw a fan holding a fan-banner with our name, I felt very touched and thankful.
Q. Are there any seniors in the KPOP industry that you would like to look up to?
Haei:Of course it is 2NE1! We will try our best to be better in the future!
Q. Other than working, what do you usually do?
Mizi: I usually do Yoga, but I could not show you right now.
Q. Why is the group name GIRLFRIEND? Are there any special reasons?
Haei: We want to be a Girlfriend to all of you!
Yoa:I love you!
Q. When are the girls going to debut?
Haei:We will debut on the same day as KPOPGAGA’s boss’ birthday!Q. What can we look forward to GIRLFRIEND?
Yoa: I will be showing you a short rap! (Performed a short impromptu rap)
Q. What kind of a vocal group would you like the fans to see you as?
Jae In:As you know our album name is “Fiesta”, which also means Festival. We hope to enjoy the stage to the fullest with the fans.
Q. Describe each member in the group?
Yoa: Hi I am the maknae in the group!
Haei: Hi I am the rapper and vocalist of the group. I also take care of the cuteness, and my IQ is quite high at 156!
Mizi: Hi everyone I am the visual of the group and takes care of the mature looks.
Jae In:Mizi is a liar! She is part of the visual of the group. I am the leader of GIRLFRIEND, I take care of all the members.
Q. If you were a guy, which member would you like to date?
Haei: If I were a guy, appearance is very important, so I will prefer to date Mizi!
Yoa: For me, if I were a guy, one day I want to date a cute girl, the next day a pretty girl, and the next day a wildish girl!
Mizi: I really really want to date the youngest person in the group.
Jae In:I also prefer a young girl but also cute at the same time! I prefer to date Haei.
Q.  Maybe you would like to tell us something interesting or a secret about the member sitting beside you?
Haei: Is it good that I share secrets? Ok I will start! When we were on a diet, our boss pushed us to not eat so much, but I saw Jae In eating secretly at night. Now Mizi has got perfect appearance, but when I first saw her, she was wearing very strange looking sunglasses like a monster. Yoa.. was my room-mate, but she does not really like taking showers. Me? No secrets!

We hoped this coverage gave you a deeper understanding of this sweet girls of GIRLFRIEND, and would like to thank KPOPGAGA for inviting KAvenyou to this PREVIEW showcase and press conference. This event is proudly sponsored by Cathay Cineleisure OrchardOasia Hotel and F&N, and supported by partners Tung Lok GroupSAFRA and Unielement.

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Article by: Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou
Photography by: James @ KAvenyou

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