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Rooftop Prince Park Yuchun leaves a lasting impression at Taiwan fan meeting 屋塔房王子樸有仟為台灣粉絲見面會畫下完美的句點

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14 September 2012, Taiwan – Park Yoo Chun finally set foot in Taiwan for his fan meeting at the Taiwan National University Gymnasium. Throngs of fans turned up and waited outside the gymnasium with umbrellas, despite the bad weather. Fan clubs of the singer/actor distributed goodie bags to all the ticket holders in support of their favourite idol.

Park Yoo Chun kicked-off the fan meeting with his melodious voice and eased the entire stadium by performing a song from drama “Miss Ripley” “너를위한빈자리 (The Empty Space for You)”. He then greeted his Taiwanese fans in Chinese, saying “大家好,我是樸有仟 (Hello, my name is Park Yoo Chun)”.

Park revealed that he had just finished the filming for “Rooftop Prince”, and is currently on a fan meeting tour. He jetted over from Hong Kong to Taiwan, and will be appearing in Bangkok following this. He also shared that apart from the fan meeting tour, he really will be just taking a rest for the moment. When the host inquired about the activities that occupy his free time, he merely flashed a heart-melting charming smile and said that it is a secret.

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Park was awarded as the “Most Popular Actor” at the Seoul International Drama Award for the second time in 2 years running. He mentioned that he was really shocked when he saw the voting results, and went on to thank his fans for their support. Furthermore, he revealed that if he had the chance to get involved in the international film industry, he would consider going into the Chinese film industry.

During the fan meeting, Park Yoo Chun also learned some simple Chinese vocabulary such as “石八拉” ,“乾杯” ,“隨意” ,“蘿蔔” etc. The host of the night tested Park Yoo Chun constantly throughout. As he is a fast learner, he never failed to disappoint the fans and answered the questions correctly.

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When asked about his ideal type, Park hesitated and admitted that he is unsure about it. Some of the fans suggested Kim Jun Su, and he answered it immediately with, “Junsu? No, I want children, so Jun Su is not my type”. This reply evoked laughter from the crowd, and he revealed further that he would like to have a girl who is friendly, respectful, and healthy.

Fan meetings always involve games, and there were three games which were played, involving 14 lucky fans who were chosen via a lucky draw. In the first game, four fans were asked to act out scenes from Rooftop Prince with Park. Next, “cham cham cham” was played, and the last game was a one designed by Park himself, and was the most complicated one. As the fans played their way through the games, he just stood at the sidelines laughing. All fans were given a small gift from Park, while the winners received his autographed “In Heaven” album, as well as a Polaroid photo with him.

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At last, Park Yoo Chun performed “그 노래” by John Park, and it was presented perfectly. He then gave a touching speech, saying he was very happy to meet all the fans, but also said that he felt sorry as well because he kept smiling and laughing during the fan meet and could not have further interaction with the fans. Before he left the stage, he also requested to take a group picture with all the fans in the stadium.

KAvenyou would like to thank Muse Entertainment for the opportunity to cover at Park Yoo Chun Fanmeeting in Taiwan.

Rundown of Park Yu Chun Fan Meeting in Taiwan:

  1. Opening VCR
  2. <너를위한빈자리> by Park Yu Chun
  3. Interview
  4. Rooftop Prince VCR
  5. Games & Interview
  6. SungKyunKwan Scandal and Miss Ripley VCR
  7. Interview
  8. VCR
  9. Game
  10. Video
  11. <그 노래> by Park Yu Chun
  12. Encore



由MUSE主辦,C-Jes協辦,樸有仟2012亞洲巡迴見面會于9月14日晚上7點30分在台大體育館正式引爆!樸有仟身穿一身藍色格子襯衫搭配牛仔褲以Miss Ripley劇中的插曲《為你留的位置》掀開了序幕。








當然粉絲見面會當然少不了對於粉絲的福利,樸有仟除了與歌迷一同玩遊戲以外,還毫不吝嗇的給粉絲不少的福利,幸運的粉絲不但每人有禮物,獲勝著更是可以獲得JYJ In heaven簽名專輯一張和拍立得一張。

整場見面會樸有仟除了演唱自己的歌曲《為你留的位置》以外,更是演唱了韓國歌手John Park的《那首歌》作為整場見面會的尾聲。在encore的部份,樸有仟更是將簽名球丟向觀眾,將現場的氣氛一直延燒到最後。



  1. 開場視頻
  2. 《為你留的位置》樸有仟
  3. Interview
  4. Video屋塔房
  5. Interview
  6. Video 成均館緋聞+Miss ripley
  7. Interview
  8. Video 三個電視劇
  9. Game
  10. Video
  11. 《那首歌》樸有仟
  12. Encore

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English article by: Yevon 憶韻 @ KAvenyou
Chinese article by: Ting Zi @ KAvenyou


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