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Pretty Adventure Time in Lotte World!

Pretty Adventure Time in Lotte World!

Here we have Disney Paris and Disney Tokyo. What we do not have is Disney Seoul. Do we need one? Nope! We really don’t. Why?

Because we have Lotte World! And Lotte World is essential to visit!

HOW TO GET THERE! KEY WORDSJamsil, Line 2, Exit 4

Get to Line 2. The green line. You can ALSO get there from Line 8 if you’re on the southeast end of Seoul. Very easy to get to! It has its own exit! Exit #4! You’ll find that any well-known place is usually a step away from the station. Lotte World is directly in front of it.

Its hours are 9:30 am- 11 pm. The highest admission price is 30,000 won and that’s for daytime hours. That price gets you unlimited usage from your ticket. The prices are split between day and night. It’s about 4,000 won less if you go at night. If you don’t get unlimited usage that knocks off another 6,000 won from your price but you can only go on 5 rides. Night hours are 5pm – 11pm.

Lotte World is a giant indoor amusement park with attractions outdoors too! It holds the prestigous title of “World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park.” And that’s not made-up nonsense they’re spouting. It’s a title granted to them by the Guinness Book of World Records. The photo does not in any way capture the monstrosity of how large it actually is.

Looking up Lotte World online brings up results like “Disneyland Koreafied” “Disney Wannabe.” But Lotte World is standing successfully on its own without Disney’s help. Can you hear that Disney? It’s the sound of Lotte World making bank without any of your funding.

Lotte World is really gorgeous too! The attention to detail is amazing!

Anti-stroller caps on! Watch out for rogue strollers! Notice how many there are? That doesn’t account for the amount of strollers there really are. Now I know it’s a given that when you go to any theme park: expect lots of strollers. (Sigh) What can those of us who have had our feet repeatedly run over by strollers do? No matter where we go in the world, we’ll just have to deal with it.

Ghosts!!!! No, not really. Just camera acting up.The Prefere ice cream brand is here! Something you’ll definitely want to try regardless of whether you’re in Lotte World or not! Aim for the blueberry and grape flavor! Don’t go for chocolate and vanilla! That’s boring! Try something new!!

The other nifty thing about Lotte World? Plenty of photo ops!!! And Lotte World has its own cast of colorful characters! I still haven’t figured out what they are. At first they looked like foxes (orange color) but their pointy teeth makes me think they’re chipmunks. But the dark shade around their eyes makes them look like raccoons. But raccoons aren’t orange or brown. It’s a mystery! I don’t even know what to call them!

Lotte World Castle looks pretty stellar at night!! Yeaaahhh I know what you’re all thinking. “I wanna come here on a date!” It does make an awesome date spot! But it’s JUST as much fun with friends!

ATLANTIS ADVENTURE! You can’t miss out on this roller coaster if you’re an adrenaline junkie. It’s so fast. It’s pretty rough on the curves, giving you the impression of “OMG are we crashing?!” which for you adrenaline junkies is exactly what you want! Lot of twists and curves on this one. Really fun!

PHARAOH’S FURY – My personal favorite. I am not an adrenaline junkie! I prefer rides with a lot of detail put into them. It’s hard to describe this ride without mentioning Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, but it’s like that. Basically riding along in a jeep through ancient Egyptian chambers with run-ins along the way: a sphinx, a giant cobra. The attention to detail is off the wall impressive!! Everything is so ornate and crafted accurately down to the very last hieroglyphic!

THE FRENCH REVOLUTION – The other big, thirsts-on-speed roller coaster in the park! It’s got bigger drops, loops; you get more of the classic roller coaster experience from this one.

THE ADVENTURES OF SINBAD – This is Lotte World’s version of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride. To say it’s a carbon copy is an understatement. It moves at the same pace, gracefully flowing along the canal, animatronic characters abound plus actors reflected by projectors (no actual actors on the ride).

COMET EXPRESS – Not exactly a roller coaster! More like a speedy, twisty-turny, zip zap-a-roo through images of flashing stars and solar systems. Indoors, and A LOT of fun! But easy to miss! Pay attention to your map!

There’s also a ride called Ghost House which is a 3D experience seen through the perspective of a cat. The 3D Dinosaur Adventure on the other hand? AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

I scoured the Internet for a map and I found one! Here’s an image to a really big map!


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