Popu Lady is finally back for More in Singapore!



18 January 2015 – Five member Taiwanese girl group, Popu Lady consisting of members Hong Shi (洪詩),Da Yuan (大元),Bao Er (寶兒),Ting Xuan (庭萱) and Yu Shan (宇珊) are back in Singapore to promote their latest album, “More”.

Having been two years since their last visit to Singapore, Popu Lady had packed schedules with various events to meet their fans! I attended their autograph session at J-Cube to catch a glimpse of them, but the viewing queue was at the side due to space constraints.



Popu Lady were interviewed about their unforgettable experience at Guam (關島), and also performed their hit-songs, “More” and “Different when with you (好好)”. As most of us were at the sides of the stage, Popu Lady intentionally posed for 5 seconds towards the side, just for us to capture nice memories of them. Unfortunately, the autograph session ended in a rush due to time constraints from having to rush to the next event venue.

Article & Photographs by: Sylvia Ng

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