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Perfect man Lee Seung Gi charms Airens from around the world in Singapore

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24 August 2012, Singapore – Lee Seung Gi held his open media conference at Marina Square Atrium on 24th August 2012, which attracted a large crowd of local and international fans alike.

As this was his first time in Singapore, Seung Gi was quite nervous due to the crowd present, but expressed his delight with his greetings.

“First of all, I want to thank all of you for being here today and I appreciate your interest and support. Thank you.”

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Seung Gi flashed his “most charming” smile to the crowd upon the request from his fans, drawing excitement from the crowd to which he apologised right after and added that he was actually shy. When asked about why he was able to attract both the younger and older audience, he replied that his smile was one of his key attributes. Even with an angry expression, he was able to display his aegyo (cuteness) to the fans. He shared that the only time he gets angry is when he is hungry, and that anger is something distant from his character.

Tonight-with-Lee-Seung-Gi-Media-Conference- 027

When talking about Lee Seung Gi as an actor, he mentioned that he is interested to try out a more manly and beastly character in the future if possible.

Lee Seung Gi is not a man who is afraid of nothing – when asked about what was he scared of, he replied that he was afraid of ghosts, but he felt that he would be able to get more things done with tension. However when it comes to work, Seung Gi becomes fearless. He added that it is still pressurising for him to be a solo artiste, but his experience gave him assurance and fearless while performing.

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3 lucky fans were chosen from the crowd to speak personally to Lee Seung Gi, where they excitedly expressed their heartfelt feelings and well-wishes for him, with even a fan telling him that she would be going to his Korea concert in winter and she would be going home to buy the flight tickets to Korea that night as well.

The open media conference ended with Seung Gi’s friendly farewell waves to the endearing crowd on both levels of Marina Square Shopping Centre, and he also added that if any fans want to see his fearless, do come down for his fan meeting the next day.

A great thanks you to Faith & D Entertainment in having us at this open media conference to meet Lee Seung Gi.

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Article by: Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou
Photography & Videography by: Xuan Lin @ KAvenyou



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