[COVERAGE] Park Bo Gum Enjoys “Happy Trip” to Singapore

As soon as he stepped into the Bugis Vault at Intercontinental Hotel, cameras couldn’t stop flashing for Park Bo Gum.

The dashing actor made his first media appearance in Singapore looking smart and dapper. Although he took he took a late night flight the previous night, Bo Gum looked fresh with his infectious smile. He even attempted to answer questions in English as much as he could.

Host Danny Yeo even got pressured at the fact that camera capturing got louder whenever Bo Gum smiled!

On his first visit to Singapore, Bo Gum tried rare first-time food choices like Laksa and Bak Kut Teh. He was open to the idea of eating more local food and even asked the media if they had recommendations.

The self-proclaimed positive and diligent man has came a long way in his acting career. Having earned nicknames like Nation’s Son-in-law and Nation’s Crown Prince gives his motivation to work even harder.

“I’m thankful for these flattering terms to describe me,” he said.

In what was the most anticipated answer of the press conference, Bo Gum proudly confirmed that he still keeps in touch with his Love In the Moonlight cast. Although the role of Lee Young was the most challenging role he’s played, he was happy because of his cast.

The actor proudly said: “We’re so close in fact, sometimes we get scolded by the director for being too noisy!”

Bo Gum said that with every role he took, he was bound to takeaway something new from it. He learnt about Korean history, how to ride a horse and wore beautiful Hanboks while filming Love In The Moonlight. He also learn about playing Chinese chess and the deep relationships in a family in Reply 1988.

Bo Gum has expressed interests in future projects with his label mate and friend, Song Joong-ki. He said that acting in a drama that can bring out their brotherly love is what he wants to do most and has been a dream of his.

Before the humble actor left the conference, he voiced out his curiosity on 2 questions:

  1. What are some shows to catch in Singapore?
  2. Who’s the most popular Korean actor in Singapore?

We think you might have an answer for the second question! Tell us in the comments sections below! ~

KAvenyou would like to thank UnUsUal Entertainment for the media invite.

For more photos of the press conference click here

Article and photography by: Beatrice @ KAvenyou


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