OPPO Photography Workshop with Celebrity Photographer Russel Wong



Last Saturday evening, KAvenyou was invited over to the OPPO concept store at Suntec City to attend OPPO: It’s your turn with Russel Wong, a photography workshop conducted by celebrity photographer Russel Wong, who is one of the most profiled photographers in Singapore and Asia.

Although he is known for taking professional shots of celebrities, Russel Wong showed the workshop attendees that one does not strictly need a DSLR to produce such quality photos – and he demonstrated how the latest OPPO N3 smartphone is able to do the job well too.

The N3 smartphone uses a f/2.2 apperture Schneider Kreuznach lenses, which is used in good quality DSLR lenses. Without good lenses, the ending results of the photo taken will be lacklustre no matter how well the photos are taken.


Russel Wong demonstrated how to shoot good portrait photos with the N3 smartphone with these pointers:

  • It is not necessary to frame the subject in the center all the time, as you may end up cropping away background details.
  • Try not to take the photos from a tilted angle as it will distort the subject.
  • Remember to press to focus on the subject.
  • Try to have your subject under soft light so the shadows will not be harsh.

With N3’s rotatable camera, some of the more common camera functions are also revolutionized. The N3 does not use a separate front camera as the phone camera rotates to the front when the ‘front camera’ mode is activated, meaning that selfies can be taken in high resolution too. N3’s camera is also able to rotate up to 206 degrees, so wide-angle panoramic shots can be taken easily without the user having to move his/her hand while the panoramic photo is being captured.

At the end of the workshop, the attendees all got the opportunity to get their photos taken personally by none other than Russel Wong himself, who was able to capture the unique highlight of each individual in his photos.

Article by: Zhen @ KAvenyou.com
Photograph credits to OPPO Singapore

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