Movie: Twenty starring Kim Woo Bin, Lee Jun Ho (2PM) & Kang Ha Neul + Tickets Giveaway!



“What does ‘twenty’ mean to you?”

For me, ‘twenty’ is 16 years ago. – Director LEE Byeong-hun
For me, ‘twenty’ is a starting point. – KIM Woo-bin
For me, ‘twenty’ is a rough gemstone. – LEE Jun-ho
For me, ‘twenty’ is soju – KANG Ha-neul
For me, ‘twenty’ is ‘-ing.’ – JUNGSo-min
For me, ‘twenty’ is a scented candle. – LEE Yoo-bi
For me, ‘twenty’ is a trip. MIN Hyo-rin
For me, ‘twenty’ is a tunnel – JUNG Joo-yeon
For me, ‘twenty’ is the yellow street light. – KIM Eui-seong
For me, ‘twenty’ is endurance racing. – PARK Hyuk-kwon
For me, ‘twenty’ is the time when I could be happy just for having a dream. – OH Hyun-kyung

‘Chi-ho’ whose only virtue is being irresistibly attractive.
‘Dong-woo’ who is torn between his dream and the family.
‘Gyeong-jae’ who only has a brain for study.

A super-charming slacker who pursues a life of doing nothing after high school; a retaker who works hard for his dream of becoming a cartoon artist despite the financial harships; a college freshman whose college activities are entirely geared toward attaining his ultimate goal of landing a job in a global corporation…

A radiant comedy about three best buddies who turn twenty to share the most embarrassing moment of their lives!

TWENTY Preview Screening
Date: 23 June 2015 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:15PM
Venue: GV Suntec
Rating: TBC
Language: Korean
Release Date: 25 June 2015

Yes! KAvenyou will be giving out 5 pairs of tickets to the preview screening of the movie TWENTY!

How to win?
Simply drop a comment below, tell us WHY you want to win these awesome preview tickets! Remember to leave down your name and email at the end of the entry, we will contact you via email! 🙂

The giveaway will end on Saturday, 20 June 2015, 10PM!
*One entry per person!
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  1. Elizabeth says: Reply

    Will be stepping into the twenties soon, really looking forward to the life experience of being a twenty!
    Moreover, the actors are such eye-candies! 🙂

  2. Cynthia says: Reply

    Being Twenty to me means late nights out with friends, mornings spent in bed skipping class, long afternoons exploring every book and cranny of town, hot summers at the beach getting tan but trying not to get burnt and the last happy days of carefree youth. It’s only been less than 20 days of being 21 and I already miss it. Please let me win the tickets and relive those days with Junho, Woobin and Hanuel!

  3. Alissa says: Reply

    I would love to win a pair of tickets to catch this coming-of-age movie which I can identify with personally! I would also love to watch the three leads in action, as I am a fan of all of their previous works, e.g. The Con Artists, Cold Eyes and C’est Si Bon. Moreover, I enjoy comedy and I can’t wait to enjoy this fun movie with lots of laughs 🙂

  4. Esmay Lai says: Reply

    I have been a fan of Kang Haneul ever since The Heirs! He really caught my eye because of his outstanding acting in the drama and ever since then i have been watching all his dramas! He’s a really good musical singer too and i really do hope i will be able to watch one of his shows one day. When i heard of ‘Twenty’ coming out in Korea, you have no idea how many times i’ve rewatched the trailer! I’m so glad this movie is coming to Singapore cinemas and i really want to watch it, Kavenyou please pick me! ^^

    Name: Esmay Lai

  5. Izyan says: Reply

    I want to win the awesome preview tickets because I want to go down the memory lane along with the great stars in the movie. I would love to enjoy and join their adventures.

  6. Sok Wah says: Reply

    I would love to win this awesome pair of preview tickets as I want to be one of the first to be able to enjoy this humorous movie with such an amazing star-studded cast!

  7. Vivian Soh says: Reply

    I really really like all 3 of the actors and have been waiting for this movie to come to Singapore since it’s release in Korea! I am turning 20 next year so it will be a good way for me to anticipate my 20th as well!

  8. Nur Azizah says: Reply

    I should win because I’ve been waiting for this movie to be aired in Singapore. Was really happy that it’s finally gong to be shown here. I really want to win because I watched the teaser and those three guys (Junho, Wonbin and Haneul) just have the right chemistry. Thank you and hopefully you pick me 🙂

  9. Shakilah Kamri says: Reply

    The plot of this movie attracts me so much. It reflects on how life used to be in our 20s. And plus there’s three hot and handsome namja which gives me a better reason not to miss this drama. I’ve been a fan of Junho eversince his debut with 2PM and such I’m so excited to watch him in the big screen.

  10. Yi Xi says: Reply

    I want to win tickets to Twenty because I’ve been waiting to see the trio on screen in a film that further makes their careers as actors 🙂

    Yi Xi

    Thank you 🙂

  11. Nur Azizah says: Reply

    I should win because I’ve been waiting for this movie to be aired in Singapore and finally it’s here. I’ve watched the teaser and those guys (Haneul, WonBin and Junho) have the best chemistry. Thank you and hopefully you pick me 🙂

  12. clarice lim says: Reply

    i want to know what will happen to me when i am twenty

  13. Syafiqah says: Reply

    I really want to win this awesome tickets for the movies because I’m a huge fan of woo bin,ha neul & junho! I never failed to watch all their dramas & movies! Especially Woo Bin’s & Ha Neul’s! It’s because that their dramas and movies is just yoo awesome to watch! I really hope that i get to win the tickets! I really really want to win this tickets actually! Please KAvenyou!

  14. Jasmine says: Reply

    TWENTY… is the moment i started loving KPOP and everything about K-culture!
    i have been waiting for it to be released in singapore ever since i saw its teaser when it was being shown in Korea!

  15. Jasmine Tan Ruixin says: Reply

    For me, ‘twenty’ is the time my parents let me go survive on my own, independence!

  16. 이민 says: Reply

    I really want to win these awesome preview tickets because I really want to meet them !! I love them so much! It’s so difficult to meet them in Malaysia, so i want to take my chances to meet them! It’s good to have this event.Thank you!

  17. Grace says: Reply

    I want to win the tickets to the preview screening of the movie Twenty because I was in Korea when this movie came out but then even if I watched it in Korea, I couldn’t understand as well so I was really hoping that they will show Twenty in Singapore and yay finally my ‘dream’ kinda came through! My friend and I are big fans of Kang Haneul, Kim Woobin and Junho so I would love to bring my friend along to the preview screening! Hope to win this and thank you KAvenyou for organising this amazing giveaway! 🙂

    Name: Grace


  18. 져인 says: Reply

    Cause just like the leads in the movie, im 20 this year too and i been waiting so long for this movie to come out since im a big fan of kang ha neul!
    It will also be my first preview screening after 20 years of being alive if i win the tickets!

    Thank you so much for holding this giveaway!

  19. Poh Liang Seng says: Reply

    I would love to catch this comedy with my wife for a much needed break!
    Poh Liang Seng

  20. Sng Jia Jun says: Reply

    I will like to win tickets for the preview screening of this movie as I am a really big fan of the cast! I have been following most of Kim woobin and kang haneul dramas and also junho’s various activities. The storyline of the movie that i saw in the advertisement also make it a must watch. Although it is a comedy, I think it also contains underlying messages, it shows situations we encounter eceryday and the hardships we will come across! Therefore I’m sure this is a really good movie not to be missed! So excited to watch it on the big screens! 🙂

    Name: Jia Jun

  21. June says: Reply

    Because I like those casts in the movie and since I have pass the age of TWENTY. I want to experiece those nostalgic moment while watching the movie.

    June Lim

  22. Chan Xiao Theng says: Reply

    I want to win these awesome preview tickets

    Because I’m in love with ‘TWENTY’, so wholesome, it’s awesome!
    In darksome I’m lonesome, only ‘TWENTY’ can give me more delightsome!

    ‘TWENTY’ won’t let everyone feel down,
    KAvenyou bring K-pop abound,
    The cast is coming to the town,
    So I’m gonna be around!!!

    Name: Chan Xiao Theng

  23. Lydia says: Reply

    I love Kim Woo Bin and Kang Ha Neul and have watched all of their dramas.
    As I have reached my 30s,It would be fun to watch the movie and reminisce about life when I was still twenty. And also I have always been interested in Korean language, and it would be good to practice my listening skills as well.


  24. Shahirah says: Reply

    Twenty reasons why I want to win this tickets;
    1.Cause it’s Twenty
    2.Errr I’m not twenty yet
    3.My bro’s twenty but he acts like his still 6 so how do twenty year old guys act like
    4.Kim Woobin
    5.Kang Haneul
    7.Ong Zhiyun (hehehe my bestfriend)
    8.See reason twenty
    9.See reason Twenty
    10.See reason Twenty
    11-19.See reason Twenty
    20.I just really really would like to watch these movie with Ong Zhiyun and hopefully we’ll still be best friends till we’re past the age Twenty

  25. Jia Yu says: Reply

    Being in my first year in the 20s generation, I’ve realised many changed that I am forced to made, and have subconsciously changed.

    I became more mature, and have even learnt to go out so explore alone. It taught me to not judge others by appearance, and to learn to enjoy life as it goes.

    Winning this tickets would give me an extra opportunity to revisit how I matured though the years, and to bring a friend to experience how we grew over the years together! ☺️☺️☺️

    Thank you for the giveaway as well! <3

    – jiayu

  26. Jermaine says: Reply

    I have always been a fan of Kim Woo Bin since ‘The Heirs’, his fine acting caught my heart and I am sure he will definitely shine and potray his role well in this movie. We really can’t wait to see him in the movie. Another actor, Kang Ha Neul is also one of the most anticipated actors in my list that I have also been catching up recently through him starring in different K-drams.
    Starring so many popular actors and actresses, this is really one highly anticipated movie that I really want to catch in the theatres.
    This will also be my first Korean movie as I really want to support the three of them in the theatres.

  27. Melisa Utomo says: Reply

    Hi! I’m 20th now and some of these scenes are true. In 20th it means that you’re not child again and more mature. You should try many experience that you never get.
    I love Kim Woo Bin in this film. Because Woo Bin acted as a childish here and I never expect that Woo Bin can act childish here. Lol
    In 20th, problems about relationships are true, especially in love relationship :p
    And I wanna know directly what is ’20th’ means to Woo Bin, Ha Neul and Junho 🙂

    Name: Melisa Utomo

  28. Jasmine Tan Ruixin says: Reply

    “Twenty” simply means falling in love with a different way, it is an age of ur couragest moment to do things so that u can smile and look back in future. It is not anytime, or a time to waste, but it could be your wildest time u can ever be!

  29. Valerie says: Reply

    i would really want to win tickets to catch the preview of the movie ‘twenty’ as it really has a great and funny storyline, especially when i heard kim woobin, junho and kang haneul, i wanted to watch it even more!!! back when i was in korea, all the promotional posters were almost everywhere, i kept seeing that and i just told myself that i would watch it one day and hey it going to be airing in singapore and i would really love to watch it~^^
    i really love kim woobin ever since i watched ‘the heirs’ and his bad-boy character in the drama is really charming and cute HAHA i have also watched another drama he have been in, school 2013, and once again his kinda bad-boy character charms me once again man his acting is really great too!! and he is a pretty hot model!!! (-; also whenever he appears on runningman , its really hilarious and never fails to make me laugh!!
    i also really love junho and well as u have guessed, it was because of 2pm i wouldnt really say im a hottest (2pm fandom name) but i stan 2pm greatly too 🙂 i really love 2pm’s songs and their recent comeback song, my house, is reallyreally nice and addictive!!!!
    im gonna be honestly idk much about kang haneul but this character and acting in ‘the heirs’ was really great tho he played a supporting role!!! 🙂
    so i hope will be able to win the preview tickets to catch it with my cousin to have a great cousin bonding time together HAHAHA thankyou!!!! 🙂

  30. Yoong Mei Xin says: Reply

    I ve been waiting “TWENTY” to show in the cinema of Malaysia! I also hoping to see Kim Woo Bin in Malaysia but too bad he is not coming. I hope that I can watch this movie to support Kim Woo Bin and the rest of the cast. “TWENTY” to me is a year where teenagers turns adult where they no longer a teen. I am 20 years old this year. I totally feel that I am no longer a teen anymore. It’s time to step into the adults’ world. I really hope that I can watch what this movie “TWENTY” because this movie might relate what I’m going through in my year of 20.

    Yoong Mei Xin

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